The”Divergent” Series Will Wrap Up With TV Movie

Will Paula Faris get the boot?… Prince’s vacant house… Did JoJo’s final pick slip?… Jeremy Piven facing a civil lawsuit… and the “Divergent” series will wrap up with TV movie

The word is that Paula Faris is getting cut from “The View.” Awwww…..I like her…..A source told Page Six that ABC News that they were hoping Paula would bring a more conservative perspective to the show, but “she doesn’t own her opinions. And the audience never connects with anyone who’s pretending.” The source says Whoopi Goldberg is elated about the news because she’s never been a fan of Paula. The rumor is that Raven-Symone is also getting the axe, and that frequent guest host Sunny Hustin will become a regular host in September.

Just eight months before he passed away, Prince bought the two-story house in Minneapolis that was made famous in his movie “Purple Rain.” Prince paid $117K in cash for the house. The listing agent told Entertainment Tonight, “It was a full cash offer. No inspections. No anything. There was an emotional attachment to the home.” Nobody ever moved into the house and it still sits vacant.

Those Rodgers brothers are big mouths. On “The Bachelorette” Jordan can’t stop talking about how his famous brother Aaron has stopped talking to the family. And now Jordan’s other brother Luke may have let it slip that Jordan is JoJo’s final pick! Luke was doing a Facebook Live interview with Womanista when he was asked if JoJo was similar to other women Jordan has dated in the past. Luke said, “She was able to just so easily come lockstep with our family and conversations and stuff, except for the fact that she is missing some crucial movies that we quote a lot. But we’re going to catch her up.” He quickly realized his screw up and said, “We COULD catch her up with that, should she need to be caught up, depending on how this whole thing ends.” Whatever, Luke…….

Watch “The Bachelorette” scoop with Jordan Rodgers’ brother below.

TMZ is reporting that Jeremy Piven was near The Grove in LA when he parked his car next to the curb. Without looking, he threw open the door of his car and a guy on a bicycle slammed full speed into the door, cutting his chest open!!!!  The man was taken to the hospital by ambulance. TMZ says their police sources say they believe Jeremy was at fault, but he didn’t get a ticket because an officer didn’t see it happen. But it’s pretty safe to assume Jeremy will be facing a civil lawsuit.

After the third “Divergent” movie “Allegiant” tanked at the box office, Lionsgate will be releasing the final movie in the franchise on TV! The first two movies — “Divergent” and “Insurgent” — earned $150 million and then $130 million. But when “Allegient” was released in March, it only took in $66 million. Seeing the way this is going, they’re going to release the fourth and final installment as a TV movie. But a source told Variety that the production company is looking at spinning the movie off into a TV series.


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