Showbiz Top 5: Third mistress reveals decade long relationship with Lamar Odom

Mistress #3 comes forward revealing her lengthy relationship with Lamar Odom….It’s the end of the road for a hit Disney show…and has Taylor Swift found her next target? Kellie Rasberry has the scoop in today’s Showbiz Top 5.

 I can’t believe I’m even typing this — but after four seasons, the Disney Channel has canceled “Good Luck, Charlie.” WHAT????? Now, new episodes will continue thru early next year, but that’s it! The ratings aren’t falling or anything. In fact, famous people are fans! Steve Carrell even tweeted about it a couple months ago. But says Disney Channel tends to cancel shows after they hit the 100 episode mark. I guess it’s better to go out on top than fizzle out when nobody cares any more…

Has Taylor Swift found her next mark? She was at the Toronto Film Festival Monday night and really hit it off with this Australian actor named Brenton Thwaites. Taylor wrote a song for the movie “One Chance” — which premiered at the festival — and at the after party, she and Brenton ended up sitting together in a booth until the wee hours. In fact, sources say they were almost the last guests to leave. If you don’t know Brenton now, you will soon. He’s starring in the upcoming “Maleficent” with Angelina Jolie and “The Giver” with Meryl Streep.

They’ve been separated since 2011 and they’re still not divorced, but to see Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher walking through the airport, it seemed just like old times! Paparazzi caught the two of them walking out of Bob Hope Airport together. Apparently they had both gone to the same tech conference in San Jose and they coincidentally happened to catch the same flight back home. Of course, the photographers were throwing questions at them, trying to get them to say something scandalous. But Demi and Ashton just kept on walking. Good for them for being mature. Now they just need to wrap up this divorce. 

Scooter Braun as finally stepped up to the plate and dealt with Justin Bieber’s trouble-making house guests. Basically, he’s given Lil Twist and Lil Za until the end of the month to get out of Justin’s house. According to, there’s no SPECIFIC ultimatum, but he wants them out in the next few weeks and the both Lils have been set up with their own apartments.

“Star” magazine is reporting that a third mistress has come forward to say that she, too, had an affair with Lamar Odom. But unlike the others, Sandy Schultz says she’s been in the picture for a full decade. She claims that she and Lamar dated steadily for the first two years and then sporadically for seven years after that. When Lamar wouldn’t propose, Sandy left the country and became engaged to another man. When she came back to the US, she claims that she and Lamar picked right back up where they left off. Her engagement ended shortly after that. Sandy claims she and Lamar were a couple when Khloe set her sights on him. She says they were out together at a club and Khloe was hitting on him hard core. Sandy says she was tired so she went home early, and Lamar never came home to her. He chose to go home with Khloe instead and a month later, they were married. Sandy told “Star,” “My nickname for him was ‘Lam Lam,’ and to hear Khloe calling him that now is like a dagger through my heart.”

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