Marilyn Manson is wanted… John Cena apologizes… Metro Marrs throws $10K in the air… Britney Spears almost starred in The Notebook… and This Is Us preparing to say goodbye

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Marilyn Manson is under investigation in several cities for allegedly sexually, mentally, and physically abusing several women over the years. Yesterday, TMZ said he has been dodging a warrant for his arrest in New Hampshire…but it isn’t for those allegations. Manson is facing 2 counts of misdemeanor simple assault for allegedly spitting on a cameraman at a concert in 2019. TMZ has video showing what happened. The cameraman was down in the pit and his camera was feeding the big screens in the venue. Marilyn gets close, sings into the camera, and then hocks a giant loogie onto the lens. But the videographer says some of that spit got on him. While the police say the alleged victim suffered no injuries, Marilyn was charged because the spitting constitutes “unprivileged physical contact.”

They say nothing brings two sides together like having a common enemy. Who knew the common enemy would be John Cena? While promoting the new “Fast & Furious” movie on a Taiwanese TV channel, John said in fluent Mandarin, “Taiwan is the first country that can watch ‘Fast and Furious 9.” That made China very angry because Taiwan is not a country. It’s been a self-governed island since the end of a civil war 70 years ago, and China considers it one of their territories. Any suggestion that Taiwan is its own country is very upsetting to China. Because China is very important for American movies, out studios will do anything to avoid offending them. In an attempt at damage control, John posted an apology video on a Chinese social media site, again in Mandarin, saying, “I made a mistake. Now I have to say one thing which is very, very, very important: I love and respect China and Chinese people. I’m very sorry for my mistakes. Sorry. Sorry. I’m really sorry.” Now John is getting slammed by Americans on both side of the political aisle for giving into the political sensitivities in China, which is ruled under a dictatorship.

There’s a rapper from Atlanta named Metro Marrs. He’s 18 years old and just signed with the same label as Migos and Lil Yachty. Metro Marrs also just graduated from high school last week and wanted to make his final appearance on a high school stage as memorable as possible. Metro Marrs made it rain on his fellow graduates, throwing $10K into the air as he walked across the stage to get his diploma. The kids loved it. They jumped up from their seats to grab the cash. It was chaos! However, school officials were not so pleased and police officers detained Mr. Metro Marrs as he left the stage. He was charged with inciting a riot and disorderly conduct.

In her memoir, Jessica Simpson revealed she turned town the lead role in “The Notebook” because producers refused to take out the sex scene. But as it turns out, Jessica wasn’t the only person who was in the running for the role of Allie Hamilton. Casting director Matthew Barry said the studio wanted Kate Beckinsale for the role, but the chemistry with Ryan Gosling wasn’t there. However, Britney Spears did a screen test with Ryan and came close to getting it! But a relatively unknown actress named Rachel McAdams came in and “aced the audition.”

The creator of “This Is Us” says it was always the plan for the upcoming sixth season to be its last. In fact, to ensure continuity, scenes for the series finale were filmed back in 2018 to ensure the child actors would be the same age for their final scenes. But unlike other series finales, Dan Fogelman promises that all the questions fans have about the future of the Pearson family will be answered. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “All of those timelines are going to be brought to completion and explained. There will be no looming questions when we get though the end of next season. Everything will be resolved.” He also added, “You can’t always claim that 100 percent of your audience is going to like every single decision you make for the characters, but I don’t think anything will be left on the table.” Milo Ventimiglia — who plays Jack — told Extra, “Given the opportunity to wrap things up in a very thoughtful way with purpose and intention I think is more important and more impactful than just kind of floundering through, having filler episodes just to fill air, to fill space. It feels like there’s more intention, which feels right, especially for the show.” Milo said he had an idea of how he would want the show to end, but his version “is completely shadowed by how great of an ending Fogelman has come up with.”

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