Tiger Woods Arrested & Charged With DUI

Weekend box office news… Was Fergie fired from Black Eyed Peas?… Bella Thorne leaves Cannes… Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb drama… and Tiger Woods arrested and charged with DUI

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” was number one at the box office over the Memorial Day weekend. The fifth movie in the franchise debuted with $62.1 million. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” was second with $19.9 million. And coming in third was the new bomb “Baywatch” with $18.1 million.

Has Fergie been fired from the Black Eyed Peas or did she quit? So, on May 29, Fergie announced she was leaving Interscope Records to start her own label under BMG. Right after that, Peas member Taboo unfollowed her on Twitter. A few days before Fergie’s announcement, Taboo had posted a throwback picture from 1998 — the Black Eyed Peas debut album “Behind the Front,” BEFORE Fergie was a part of the group.

Get ready. Turn it up. #95tilinfinity

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So Scott Disick hooked up with Bella Thorne and a week later, they were on a plane to Cannes to make Kourtney Kardashian jealous. But 19-year-old Bella quickly grew tired of the scene and hopped on a plane back to LA to celebrate her ex-boyfriend Gregg Sulkin’s birthday. She tweeted on Thursday, “Yo this #cannes fancy life isn’t for me.” And then she said on Snapchat, “Bye Cannes, you were boring.” When one of her followers asked her what she’d been doing with Scott, Bella answered, “Legit nothing.” And then she went on Instagram to show some birthday love to her ex. It was a picture of her lying on his back and she captioned it, “Happy birthday Gregg!!!! I love you :)) always been such a wonderful person:) glad we are here through thick and thin. Let’s party you old man!!” Meantime, Scott stayed behind in Cannes and he’s been rolling through the ladies…including British model Ella Ross and Lionel Richie’s daughter, Sofia.

RadarOnline.com is reporting that the relationship between Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb isn’t as great off camera as they’d like us to believe. In fact, their source says things are so bad, Hoda has moved dressing rooms and isn’t even on the same floor as Kathie Lee any more. The source says Hoda moved into Tamron Hall’s old dressing room on the first floor, putting her down there with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. And Kathie Lee’s feelings are hurt because Hoda apparently has been kissing up to new girl Megyn Kelly.

If you were on the internet at all Memorial Day, you probably saw Tiger Woods’ mugshot. He was busted on suspicion of DUI when a cop in Jupiter, Florida, pulled him over around 3am for driving erratically. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the officer smelled alcohol on Tiger’s breath and that Tiger became arrogant and refused to take a Breathalyzer, which is grounds for an automatic arrest. Tiger spent almost 4 in jail before he was released. First thing he did once he got out was issue a statement saying that, while he accepts full responsibility for his actions, he wasn’t drunk. Tiger says he just had a bad reaction to some prescribed medications. We assume these are prescriptions he’s been taking since he had back surgery on April 20. Interesting to note, though, that TMZ says Tiger’s reps have repeatedly been calling the Jupiter Police Department to find out if the arresting officer was wearing a body camera.


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