Tom Brady $30 Million Contract Rumor

Orlando Bloom is missing a dot… Meghan & Harry’s surprise trip… Rihanna is in the studio… FCC received over 1,500 complaints… and Tom Brady $30 million contract rumor

Orlando Bloom wanted to honor his 9-year-old son Flynn with a tattoo, but he wanted to make it unique. So he had his tattoo artist Balazs Bercsenyi tattoo his forearm with a series of numbers and dots and dashes. He posted it on Instagram and captioned it, “new #tattoo can you guess who?” And then he confirmed in a comment, “It’s Flynn in MORSE CODE and his dob and time.” Who knew so many Orlando Bloom fans can read Morse Code because someone pointed out that instead of “Flynn,” his tattoo read “Frynn.” Balazs posted the picture on his own IG and said, “Yes, a dot is missing, we know, it will be fixed.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just keep popping up in the US. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to keep calling him “Prince” or not, but anyway…Harry and Meghan kept it real and flew commercial from Canada to California, to pay a visit to Stanford University in Palo Alto. They were brainstorming on a charitable foundation Harry and Meghan are launching. Meantime, we’re just finding out that last month, Harry and Meghan told their 15-member staff that they were closing their office at Buckingham Palace and their services would no longer be needed. A palace source says one of two of the staff members will be placed in other positions, but the rest are negotiating their severance packages.

Rihanna hasn’t put out an album since 2016’s “Anti” album, which hit number one on the Billboard 200. All last year, she would roll her eyes when anyone asked her about a new album and she kept promising that it was coming. We saw zero signs of that…until now. Rihanna was recently asked how she’d be spending Valentine’s Day and she said she was going to be in the recording studio with Pharrell. And yesterday, she posted on her Instagram Story a picture of a recording studio sound board with “The Neptunes” spelled out on the little digital sign. She captioned it, “gang. back in da STU.” Pharrell and Rihanna last worked together on N.E.R.D.’s song “Lemon” back in 2017.

This year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show was a big subject of debate on Twitter. A lot of people felt that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were way too sexy for what should have been a family friendly viewing experience. It’s one thing to criticize all that crotch-grabbing and booty shaking on social media, it’s another thing to file an official complaint. But as angry as everybody said they were online, only about 1500 of them bothered to formally file a complaint with the FCC. Compare that to last year, when the FCC got a grand total of 55 complaints about Maroon 5’s Halftime performance, which featured Adam Levine taking off his shirt. The all-time most offensive Super Bowl Halftime Performance happened back in 2004, when Justin Timberlake ripped off Janet Jackson’s bra and freed her nipple. The FCC got 540K complaints and CBS got his with a $550K fine.

Tom Brady becomes a free agent in March and could leave the Patriots if he isn’t offered what he thinks he’s worth. Hollywood Life says they’ve got a source who says, “Tom wants to get paid and he wants to play till he is at least 45. (He’s 42 now.) He has had an amazing career, but has always taken a back seat when it comes to getting the money he deserves for the benefit of the team as a whole. With this next contract being his last contract, he wants to be paid how an elite quarterback should be paid, and that is to get at least $30 million a year.” Up until 2019, Tom had never made more than $20 million in a season, and last year, six other quarterbacks outlearned him. The source said Tom’s focus is on what the Chargers, the Raiders and the Cowboys have to say, but “he’s also going to enjoy being courted by any team that wants him.” The source says Tom will give Patriots owner Robert Kraft the chance to match any offer he gets, because he’d love to stay with his team.

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