Showbiz Top 5: Tom Cruise suing magazines for abandonment claim

Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 took Avril Lavigne’s last name!… Chris countersues Sha’keir for assault and battery… A technical glitch on “The X Factor” meant nobody went home… Selena’s first solo album debuted at number one this year… and Tom Cruise suing magazines for abandonment claim.

Here’s something completely random:  When Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 married Avril Lavigne back in 2006, he took her last name! Who knew? No one! They kept it super secret. Avril divorced Deryck four years later, and perhaps he was hoping she would change her mind and come back to him because he kept the last name Lavigne. But after a lengthy romp with Brody Jenner and a whirlwind romance that led to a walk down the aisle with Chad Kroger, Deryck must’ve finally realized she ain’t coming back! He has now filed the paperwork to drop Lavigne and go back to his maiden name of Whibley.

Earlier this year, Frank Ocean’s cousin Sha’keir Duarte sued Chris Brown, saying he was injured when a fight broke out between Chris and Frank’s entourages outside a studio in West Hollywood. Now Chris has turned around and countersued Sha’keir for assault and battery. In Sha’keir’s lawsuit, he claims Chris of instigating the fight. But in Chris’ countersuit, he says Sha’keir is the one who started it by pushing, kicking, punching and threatening to kill Chris. Chris is seeking unspecified damages. By the way, no criminal charges were ever filed over the fight.

A technical glitch on “The X Factor” Wednesday night meant nobody went home this week. During Wednesday night’s Top 13 performances, the wrong phone numbers were displayed for some of the contestants. So last night, the contestants sang their prepared “Save Me” songs, but nobody was eliminated. Viewers get to re-vote and those results will be revealed next Wednesday. Selena Gomez was supposed to perform last night, but because of the glitch that had all the contestants perform again, she got bumped to next week.

Speaking of Selena, her first solo album, “Stars Dance,” debuted at number one this year. She turned 21. She’s looking fierce. She’s on top of the world! But haters gonna hate!  And Lorde had a little problem with Selena’s big hit off that “Stars Dance” CD. That little problem would be the message of Selena’s song, “Come & Get It.” Lorde said, “I love pop music on a sonic level. But I’m a feminist and the theme of her song is, ‘When you’re ready come and get it from me.’ I’m sick of women being portrayed this way.” A reporter for “Flaunt” magazine asked Selena about the diss, and Selena kept it classy….to a point. She said Lorde’s comments weren’t “feminism” and that Lorde is not supporting other women by saying that. Selena said, “That’s my honest opinion. That’s what I would say to her if I saw her.” As it turns out, Selena has been covering Lorde’s song, “Royals” during her current tour. But you know what? Selena said, “I’m not sure if I’m going to continue doing that.”

Tom Cruise sued Bauer Publishing for $50 million when their magazines, “Life & Style” and “In Touch” claimed he had abandoned his daughter, Suri, after he and Katie Holmes divorced. But Tom may wish he would’ve left well enough alone because has gotten their hands on a 48-page transcript of sworn deposition Tom gave back in September. In it, Tom admitted that after the divorce, he didn’t see Suri for 110 days. But he said he did keep up with her through many phone calls. When asked if Katie left because she wanted to protect Suri from Scientology, Tom said he was offended by the question. He said, “There is no need to protect my daughter from my religion.” But when he was asked if Scientology was one of the reasons Katie left, he responded, “Did she say that? That was one of the assertions, yes.” Tom also confirmed that Suri is no longer practicing Scientology, but he wouldn’t comment on whether he considered Katie to be a “suppressive person,” which is not a good thing among Scientologists. But the poop hit the fan when the lawyer compared Tom’s parenting skills to those of his own father, Thomas Mapother III, who allegedly left Tom when he was a little boy. Tom said, “The fact that you would suggest that I was being like my father…I find that greatly offensive.” The libel and defamation case is set to go to trial next year.

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