“Scandoval” Updates

A Jennifer Hudson bag… Travis Scott’s Mac Attack… Taylor Swift fans launch #SpeakUpNow campaign… Jeff Bezos engaged… and “Scandoval” updates

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It’s every thrift-shopping woman’s dream come true — paying a couple bucks for someone’s discard to find out it’s worth a fortune. That’s basically what happened to a TikToker/aspiring singer/songwriter Crystellé. She was pushing her shopping cart through a thrift store and came across a bag with “YOU FAKE LIKE THIS BIRKIN” painted on the front of it. Crystellé checked inside and found a business card along with a hand-written note, “Ms. Jennifer Hudson, what an honor to gift you with one of my handbags. You’ve inspired me just as much as every other black girl.. and for that, I wanted to personally say thank you! I hope you enjoy wearing this as much as I enjoyed making it just for you.” That was followed by a scribbled heart and signed Sonique Saturday. Here’s the backstory — In 2010 Sonique was a student at Albany State University in Georgia when she designed a custom handbag for herself. Fellow students were so impressed, she started making and selling them. In 2012 Sonique moved to LA to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time handbag designer, and part of her marketing plan was to get her bag carried by some of her favorite celebrities. Apparently, Ms. Hudson didn’t want it and her loss was Crystellé’s gain! Sonique Saturday has done very well designing vegan leather bags. The one Jennifer threw out sells for $530, but it’s completely sold out. Her bag designs start at Ms. Hudson for herself and this particular handbag sells for $530, but it’s completely sold out. Her collection of vegan leather bags starts at $230.

@crystellec 😅 #thrifting ♬ original sound – Crystelle

For our sneaker heads like J-Si, Travis Scott has teamed up with tennis legend John McEnroe to design a new sneaker for Nike. Back in 1984, Nike released its first Mac Attack with John McEnroe, and now John and Travis are bringing it back. We’re not sure when the shoe will be unveiled. Travis showed up for a meeting with John wearing classic Mac Attacks and a “Utopia” branded Nike tracksuit. He also had his bodyguard with him with that “Utopia” briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. They spent a couple hours together hashing out whatever it is two people collaborating on a shoe line talk about. “Utopia” is the name of Travis’ upcoming album, which is coming out next month. He’s played it for some of his friends and associates, including Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Tom Brady. They all reportedly loved it.

Are some of Taylor Swift’s fans turning on her? Or is this tough love? Taylor Swift is rebounding from her breakup with Joe Alwyn with The 1975’s Matty Healy, who can be controversial from time to time. Most recently, he was on a podcast doing Asian accents while making fun of Ice Spice, who is actually of African-American and Dominican descent. Matty also made some chauvinistic jokes, said some offensive things about the LGBTQ community, and admitted that he likes to watch porn where white men degrade black women. The podcast has since been deleted, but Taylor’s fans have not forgotten. Some of them have banded together to start the “Speak Up Now” campaign — named after Taylor’s “Speak Now” album. They want Taylor to use her platform to address what Matty said, saying her silence has undermined the progress that’s been made towards equality and understanding. Some of them have gone so far as to cancel their pre-orders of “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).”

In celebrity engagement news, Sydney Sweeney was photographed wearing her engagement ring again for the first time in months. There were rumors her engagement to Jonathan Davino was over because she was having an affair with Glen Powell, but whatever did or didn’t happen seems to be all good now. And Jeff Bezos proposed to Lauren Sanchez on board his new $500M super yacht Koru. The yacht captain dropped anchor in the French Riviera where the newly engaged couple have been enjoying the Cannes Film Festival. Lauren didn’t wear her ring to a Vanity Fair party, but they reportedly were telling everyone they’d gotten engaged. A photographer snapped a picture of Lauren wearing the ring on board the yacht, and an unnamed jeweler told Page Six that it appears to be about 20 carats.

Ariana Madix was photographed moving out of the house she shares with Tom Sandoval, but it looks like she was faking it for a commercial. Later in the day, she posted an Instagram Story wearing a sweatshirt with the SoFi logo, saying, “I’m moving up, not out. Well, not yet, at least. It’s time to get my financial house in order. I will have more to share with you very very soon.” But Ariana told Andy Cohen that she does plan to sell the house and get her money out of it as quickly as possible. In the meantime, she doesn’t have to worry about bumping into her ex. Tom has dumped his mistress Rachel/Raquel and may have already moved on with the one woman in the country who either doesn’t watch “Vanderpump Rules” or watches it and doesn’t care because Tom is so incredibly attractive and she wants to be famous. Tom has been photographed all over Austin with an influencer named Karlee Hale. Don’t bother looking her up because she’s gone private on all her social media. The US Sun says Tom and Karlee are dating but TMZ says they’re just friends hanging out while Tom’s band was in town.


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