Disney+ is raising its subscription prices… Rebel Wilson injured in London biking accident… Mike Tyson says Evander Holyfield fight is on… Lizzo kisses mystery man in Malibu… and Topanga’s husband finds shrimp tails in cereal

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Prices for Disney+ are going up. The basic plan currently costs $6.99/month, but starting Friday, that goes up a buck. If you get the Disney Bundle — that’s Disney+, ESPN+, and ad-supported Hulu – that also goes up a dollar to $13.99/month. If you don’t want ads on Hulu, that bundle also goes up a dollar to $19.99/month. And the Disney+ one-year membership fee is going up $10 to $79.99. Meantime, starting April 1 — and no, this isn’t an April Fools joke — “The Nanny” will begin streaming for the first time every on HBO Max.

Rebel Wilson was injured this week and the evidence shows it could have been Part-Time Justin’s fault. Was Part-Time Justin in London this week? Rebel posted a picture of her foot propped up with an ice pack on it. She captioned it “(BLANK) people who don’t have their dogs on the lead (that’s means leash) and let them run onto the road!!” Then, she posted footage of her bike ride through London before she got hurt, captioning it, “But 20 minutes earlier before the accident I was cycling great!!”

On Monday, Evander Holyfield’s camp said negotiations had broken down and that there would be no fight with Mike Tyson. Apparently, a $25M guarantee wasn’t enough for Mike. But something must’ve happened since then because Mike was on IG Live yesterday and said, “I just want everybody to know the fight is on with me and Holyfield.” He added, “Holyfield’s a humble man I know that and he’s a man of God but I’m God’s man. Listen, I’m going to be successful May 29.” The fight is set to take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

A photographer caught photos of Lizzo with some mystery man on the balcony a mansion in Malibu over the weekend. We don’t know who he is YET. You can see his face very clearly, so it’s only a matter of time. While they seemed to be fairly intimate — they had their arms around each other’s waists and she put his braids into a ponytail — they weren’t exactly making out. And then later, Lizzo posted photos of herself half naked on Instagram, slapping her booty and captioning them, “Single” with a winking emoji.

Who is Jensen Karp? According to Wikipedia, Jensen “is an American writer, comedian, producer, podcast host, art gallery owner, actor, radio personality and former rapper raised in Calabasas, California. Previously known by his stage name Hot Karl, he signed a million dollar record deal with Interscope in his early-20s and has gone on to produce and write for television and radio.” Oh, and he’s also married to Topanga from “Boy Meets World.” So on Monday, Jensen tweeted at Cinnamon Toast Crunch, “Ummmm @CTCSquares – why are there shrimp tails in my cereal? (This is not a bit)” and then he looped in General Mills, as well, saying, “I’m genuinely nervous I will never eat (or sleep) again without answers.” Cinnamon Toast Crunch apologized, asked for more details and offered to send him another box. But upon looking at the photos of what are obviously cinnamon-coated shrimp tails, Cinnamon Toast Crunch responded that no, those were not shrimp tails. They said, “It appears to be an accumulation of the cinnamon sugar that sometimes can occur when ingredients aren’t thoroughly blended. We assure you that there’s no possibility of cross contamination with shrimp.” Jensen HAD it, tweeting back, “…These are cinnamon coated SHRIMP TAILS, you weirdos. I wasn’t all that mad until you now tried to gaslight me?” Now the thing is, this was one of those double-bag boxes of cereal you get at Costco, so Jensen went and searched a little deeper. He then found some black things baked into some of the cinnamon squares and his wife — DANIELLE FISCHER!! — searched the other bag — which appeared to be taped up — and it included what looked like dental floss!!! What Jensen’s followers have surmised is this: A rat got into a bag of dry mix and nested, leaving behind the shrimp and string — things it was collecting — and then the little things baked into the cereal are rat poop!! Meantime, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is asking Jensen to be home for a 3-4 hour window today so they can send a FedEx envelope to him to have the shrimp mailed back to them. Jensen has now decided he’s not giving them ANYTHING, saying, “Your tweet calling it sugar was super weird and the fact that you haven’t said anything to the contrary doesn’t allow me to trust you with it at all.” Cinnamon Toast Crunch said, “If you are unwilling to send the items and cereal packaging to us, please provide the items to your local law enforcement. This may be product tampering and we need the opportunity to investigate the packaging.” They also issued a statement saying, “…Any consumers who notice their cereal box or bag has been tampered with, such as the clear tape that was found in this case, should contact us….” Meantime, Jensen took the cereal to a lab for DNA testing. And in all seriousness, he said he would’ve never taken this to Twitter if the company had handled this properly. He tweeted, “… their initial reaction to shellfish being in the bag was to tell me it was sugar. Not to investigate the issue or look into it. It’s a deadly allergy to many (and non-Kosher) and that didn’t seem to matter beyond offering me a new box.”

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