Travis Kelce Traveling to Argentina for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Dan + Shay will come to play… THE #SagAftraStrike IS OVER… Maren Morris update… ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR… and Travis Kelce traveling to Argentina for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

It’s over! Almost…..As of 12:01 am this morning, the actors strike is over! The union board and its 60K+ members still have to vote on this 3-year agreement, but all signs point to it getting approved. This thing went on for almost 4 months — 118 days, to be precise — making it the longest actors strike ever. We don’t know the terms of this deal just yet. They’ll be made public after a meeting on Friday. We do know the major points of contention were over royalty payments for streaming and the use of artificial intelligence. There were several movies THISCLOSE to wrapping production right when the actors strike was called. One of those would be Wicked. Deadpool 3 and Gladiator 2 also had to press the pause button, so those actors are excited to get back to work, too. And this is perfect timing for the strike to end because we’re heading into awards season consideration and now actors can start doing red carpets and talk shows promoting their projects.

This week is Knockout Rounds on The Voice….not a great time for Niall Horan to take off during his team’s rehearsals, but blame it on whoever booked his tour schedule. Taking Niall’s place for Knockout rehearsals were two country music stars, Dan + Shay, who — by the way — will take his place as a judge next season. I don’t know how they’re going to set up the chairs for this, but Season 25 will be the first time they’ve had a two-person coaching team. Joining Dan + Shay are Reba McIntyre, John Legend, and Chance the Rapper, who is back after coaching Season 23.

Maren Morris has strong opinions about a lot of things. Back in September, she told the Los Angeles Times she was done with the country music genre because she finally realized these people are “proud to be misogynistic and racist and homophobic and transphobic.” Maren said country music was “burning itself down” and she had said all she had to say, so she was out. She basically said the same thing in October on the Popcast podcast, saying, “I couldn’t do this circus anymore.” But now, Maren is tapping the brakes on that. This week she told Jimmy Fallon, “You can’t, like, scrub the country music out.” She said country music isn’t something she could really leave because it’s in her and it’s what she grew up doing. She also said some of the headlines written about what she’d said were different from the things she actually said. And when Jimmy asked, “So you’re not leaving country music?” Maren replied, “No, no. I’m taking, like, the good parts with me and all are welcome.”

The 57th annual Country Music Association Awards were held last night in Nashville. The night belonged to Lainey Wilson, who won 5 CMAs including the big one — Entertainer of the Year. Lainey is the first woman to win this since Taylor Swift took it home in 2011. Luke Combs won Single of the Year for Fast Car, which also won Song of the Year. That award goes to songwriters, meaning Tracey Chapman — who debuted Fast Car 35 years ago — won a CMA, making her the first Black artist to win in this category. But what really had the internet talking was Wynonna Judd’s surprise performance with Best New Artist winner Jelly Roll, who opened the show with a huge gospel choir for Need a Favor. As they sang, Wynonna tottered out slowly, grabbed on to Jelly Roll’s arm and never let go. Remembering that Wynonna had to cancel a NYE performance because she was suffering from vertigo, many thought it had flared up again and that she was holding on for balance. Others say Wynonna simply looked petrified, like she was suffering from stage fright. Well! Wynonna read the comments, and she addressed it on TikTok. Wynonna said she could cry, but wanted to set the record straight. As a huge Jelly Roll fan, when he asked her to sing the opening number with him, she said, “Absolutely.” But then, she admitted, “I got out there, and I was so nervous that I just held on for dear life. And that’s the bottom line.”

Last weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Miami Dolphins in Germany. On this week’s New Heights”podcast, Jason Kelce asked his brother Travis in which country he’d like to play next, suggesting maybe Argentina and Brazil. That just so happens to be the first two stops on Taylor Swift’s international Eras Tour. Now Page Six is confirming that Travis will, indeed, be there for Taylor’s first show in Buenos Aires tonight. Lucky for her — and for Travis! — the Chiefs have a bye week! But a source told Page Six that he HAS to be back on Sunday so he makes it to practice on Monday.


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