Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Have Broken Up

M3GAN earns $45M… Remake of the original ‘Ocean’s Eleven’… 50 Cent & Eminem are developing TV series… Kris Jenner’s lawsuit update… and Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner have broken up

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People seem to love creepy doll movies and “M3GAN” is no exception. Scary movies are typically pretty cheap to produce. The production budget for this one was just $12M. Industry experts predicted “M3GAN” would open this weekend somewhere between $17M-$20M, but it took in a whopping $30.2M instead! This is a huge deal because “M3GAN” is the first movie to open with more than $30M in the first week of a new year in over a decade. The last time that happened was in 2012 when “The Devil Inside” opened with $33.7M. “M3GAN” being PG-13 probably helped with the box office totals, and so did word-of-mouth. Critics at currently give it a 93% positive rating. But “M3GAN” still couldn’t knock “Avatar: The Way of Water” out of the top spot. It was number one for the fourth week, taking in another $45M.

Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie’s “Babylon” was a box office bomb, but they’re putting it in the rear view mirror and looking forward to their next projects. Brad is teaming up with Adam Sandler to star in a movie for Netflix. This is in the early stages of development and we have zero details other than it’s happening. Meantime, Margot and Ryan Gosling — who star in the upcoming “Barbie” movie — have both signed on for another remake of “Ocean’s 11.” This version will be a remake of the original Rat Pack movie from the 1960s and will serve as a prequel to the other movies in the franchise.

50 Cent says he and Eminem are working together to develop a TV series based on the “8 Mile” movie. He said, “It’s gonna be big…You know, I ain’t got no duds.” When 50 Cent brought the idea to Eminem he said it didn’t take a lot of convincing. While the series will be based on the movie, 50 said elements in the show won’t necessarily play out exactly the same way. He said this will be a model version of the story, comparing it to the Peacock drama “Bel-Air,” which is based on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

Marc McWilliams worked as a security guard for Kris Jenner for two years and he said it was a nightmare. Marc claims Kris flirted with him constantly, touched him inappropriately on his bottom and groin area, and even exposed herself to him. When he complained, Marc claims Kris fired him, so he turned around and filed a $3M lawsuit against her. That was two years ago. According to the Daily Mail, a judge gave both sides a year to come to an agreement to settle the case out of court. That didn’t happen. So now the judge has granted an extension until Feb. 14, 2024, warning their lawyers that he expects arbitration to be done by then.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have broken up again. Even though they weren’t romantically together at the time, back in February 2020 Kylie and Travis decided to quarantine together with their daughter Stormi. They ended up falling in love all over again and about a year later, Kylie was pregnant. In early December, Kylie was with Travis during Art Basel weekend in Miami. But by the end of the month, things weren’t looking so good. A source close to the couple told “Us Weekly” that the two of them were supposed to spend the holidays together, but Kylie ended up going to Aspen without him.


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