Showbiz Top 5: Twitter war explosion between Gaga and Perez Hilton

The feud between Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton heats up….Making up is the best part for Miley and Liam…and why did a member of Hanson call a fan a drunk b****?

Simon Cowell is a multi-millionaire. And now that he’s got a baby on the way, surely we all had the thought cross our mind that this kid is going to be set for life! Actually, that is not the case. Simon told “Esquire” magazine that he’s going to leave his fortune to charity, probably for children and dogs. He said, “I don’t believe in passing on from one generation to another. Your legacy has to be that hopefully you gave enough people an opportunity, so that they could do well, and you gave them your time, taught them what you know.”

The feud between Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton continues. On his Twitter, Perez pretty much accuses Gaga of having a raging drug problem and she uses her Twitter to call him out for stalking her. Now Perez has posted naked photos of Gaga and a link to a recent interview she gave where she admits she’s aware that her appeal may be wearing off. And on one exceptionally vulgar pose, Gaga captioned it, “Scratch that itch!” 

So Hanson was performing in Richmond, VA, Wednesday night as part of their world tour, and OF COURSE the women in the crowd were going nuts. But one woman in particular got under Zac Hanson’s skin so much so that he stopped his performance and started yelling at her!  Zac had come from behind the drums to play the piano for the ballad “Lulabelle,” when this woman started yelling, “I want to lick your (blank)!” I’m not going to tell you what she said but trust me — it’s worse than what you’re thinking. Zac suddenly stopped playing and said, “Seriously?? I’m singing this beautiful song about a little girl and this drunk b**** is screaming??” Then he told her, “You can go home! I’m going to start that verse over so the rest of us can enjoy it.” Whoa! Zac suddenly got sexier to me. says there may be more behind Miley Cyrus‘ VMA performance than her just wanting to make history or whatever nonsense she was talking about. They say that the day of that performance, she and Liam Hemsworth had a HUGE fight. Miley was so upset that she took it all out onstage, giving an even raunchier, crazier performance than she’d planned. She even warned him ahead of time, and Liam reportedly was furious by what he saw. But a source said this is the way they operate. These huge fights actually turn them on and they end up making up in the bedroom. In fact, Miley brags about it to her friends and reportedly spares no details.

Lamar Odom DID check himself into rehab Monday morning, but by Thursday afternoon, he’d checked himself right back out. “People” reported that he left the facility with his assistant and was later spotted in LA. is reporting that Lamar’s childhood friends were so worried about him that a handful of them flew in from Queens a few weeks ago to stage an intervention and, at first, Lamar wouldn’t even open his door to them. When he finally let them in, a source said they wanted to take him back to NY and help him get clean, but Lamar said no. The source said the friends were shocked to find out he’s now smoking crack and he told them he had no intention of stopping.  We have no idea where he is now.

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