“Two and a Half Men” series finale

Bobbi Kristina Brown has had surgery… Bruce Jenner’s docuseries is on hold… Honey Boo Boo negotiating new reality show… Bill Cosby thanks Eddie Murphy… and “Two and a Half Men” series finale

Bobbi Kristina Brown has had surgery to replace her breathing tube with a tracheostomy tube. The tracheotomy surgery comes almost 3 weeks after she was found face-down and unresponsive in a tub at her home in Georgia. Doctors not treating Bobbi Kristina say this is not a sign that her condition is improving. This long after being on a ventilator, doctors typically perform a tracheotomy to prevent infection.

Bruce Jenner’s docuseries is on hold while he deals with the Malibu car crash that killed one woman. An insider told RadarOnline.com that there is no timetable for Bruce to resume filming. The source said, “Obviously, it’s not the priority right now, given the severity of the situation that Bruce is facing. From a public relations standpoint, it would also be in very poor taste to be filming a reality show after Bruce was involved in the crash.”

Honey Boo Boo and her family are in LA, reportedly negotiating for another reality show. This one would be like the Beverly Hillbillies — country come to town! But is America willing to forgive the whole child molester boyfriend scandal? We’re hearing the only thing holding up negotiations is the Mark McDaniel scandal and Mama June taking him back after he got out of jail for molesting her daughter, Chickadee. But the family says that topic is off-limits.

Bill Cosby has thanked Eddie Murphy for not portraying him in the “Celebrity Jeopardy!” sketch on the “SNL 40: Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary” special Sunday night. In a statement released through his rep, Bill said, “I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions.” We found out from Norm MacDonald’s tweets that Eddie was approached to do an impression of Bill during the Jeopardy sketch, but Eddie decided that the laughs weren’t worth it and he won’t kick a man when he’s down. Kenan Thompson had no problem kicking Bill and played the part just fine.

Last night was the series finale of “Two and a Half Men” and everyone was waiting to see if Charlie Sheen would make an appearance. Well! We did learn that his character, Charlie Harper, was alive. Apparently, his crazy stalker-turned-love interest Rose lied and said she saw him hit by a train when she actually had kidnapped him and was holding him hostage this whole time, but Charlie managed to escape and started text Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer threatening messages. Producer Chuck Lorre says the plan was to have Charlie appear and have a piano dropped on him, but Charlie didn’t think that was funny. So instead, they showed an actor who looked like Charlie from the back and had the piano drop on him. ‘Bye, “Two and a Half Men”!


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