Showbiz Top 5: Update on Paul Walker’s death

Who made Bing’s Top Search Trends of 2013… Orlando Bloom is dating Liv Tyler… Lindsey Lohan is dating Liam Neeson’s son… Barbara Palvin is dating Niall Horan from One Direction… and an update on Paul Walker’s death

It’s the end of the year, so everybody is out with LISTS!! And Microsoft is out their top search trends of 2013. Guess who bumped Kim Kardashian off as the most-searched person on Bing? That would be Beyonce. Kim came in second this year, followed by Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Madonna. Yes, the top five most searched people were  all women! Justin Bieber finally came in at number 6, but then it was back to the girls again. Nicki Minaj was seventh, followed by Amanda Bynes and Miley Cyrus. President Obama rounded out the top 10. You can read more about Bing’s top trends at

So Miranda Kerr reportedly hooked up with an Australian billionaire, and now it looks like her estranged husband, Orlando Bloom, has moved on, too. According to “Star” magazine, Orlando is dating Liv Tyler. Makes sense…they worked together on “Lord of the Rings” and have been friends for years. But “Star” says an eyewitness claims to have seen Orlando and Liv acting like more than friends backstage during the opening night of “Waiting for Godot” on Broadway. They reportedly were tickling each other playfully, holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes.

If it only happened once, I’d let Lindsay Lohan slide on the “cougar” label. But now it’s happened twice, so we can officially call her out. Lindsay is 27. Last time we were gossiping about her, she was dating 19-year-old model Liam Dean. But now, Lindsay’s been seen out with 18-year-old Michael Neeson. Yes, that would be Liam Neeson’s baby boy!! Page Six is reporting that Lindsay and Michael hooked up right before Thanksgiving and were seen at a nightclub this past weekend, where Lindsay reportedly grabbed Michael’s hand and led him into the women’s bathroom. Bur a rep for the Neesons says it’s not true, of course.

Remember last Christmas when Justin Bieber performed at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and reportedly hooked up with model Barbara Palvin? It just so happened that he and Selena Gomez were in the middle of their on again/off again drama, and Selena didn’t take the news too well. Well, fast forward one year later, and Barbara has moved on to another post-pubescent heartthrob, Niall Horan. Niall reportedly took Barbara to see “Catching Fire” this past weekend in North London.

Tyrese is taking Paul Walker’s death especially hard. He and Paul starred in three of “The Fast and the Furious” and became close friends. Tyrese met with Paul’s parents earlier this week to help plan the funeral. He’s also been publicly grieving on his Facebook page, talking about how Bishop TD Jakes reached out to him to help him with healing and closure. Quoting Jakes, he said, “It feels like death has won. But the bible says that love is stronger than death…..Your tears may flow. Your pain may come. The flowers will wither. The cards will all be filed away. The phone will stop ringing….Cakes and pies all stop coming. Don’t you dare think that death has won. You will learn what all of us know who have lost people that we love. You’ll be driving down the street one day and you’ll hear Paul’s voice talking in your head. Something he said or something he did will pop up in your spirit and you’ll giggle inside of yourself as if he were sitting in the car with you. And you will find that people that you really love, they may leave you outwardly, but they never leave you inwardly. May the love of God, the peace of the Holy Spirit, the sweet communion of knowing that you are a child of the king keep you through this period in life when it might appear as if death has won, but it’s alive. Love will last forever, for God is love.”


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