Brad Pitt is auctioning off a date… Is Tom Cruise dating Laura Prepon?… Ryan Sweeting’s problems with Kaley Cuoco… French Montana’s girlfriend not happy about Khloe Kardashian… Was Naya Rivera fired from Glee?

Remember how George Clooney auctioned off a date with him for $10 a chance, with the money benefiting charity? Brad Pitt liked that idea so much that he’s doing the same thing. Just make a $10 donation to Brad’s Make It Right housing foundation, which builds environmentally-friendly homes to those affected by Hurricane Katrina. And for every $10 donation, you’ll have a chance to join Brad at the charity’s second annual gala in New Orleans on May 14! You’ll be VIP and get a meet and greet with Brad. Bruno Mars and Kings of Leon are headlining. Brad’s teamed up with to help boost donations. In fact, Groupon is donating a $100K check to Make It Right.

Tom Cruise may have finally found love again. Back in November, he and “Orange Is the New Black” star Laura Prepon were spotted having dinner together in November, but their reps both denied they were dating at the time. However! We all know reps are basically paid liars and apparently everyone on Laura’s set is whispering about her relationship with Tom. This relationship might actually work because Laura is also a Scientologist, so that will never be an issue.

It was a whirlwind romance for Kaley Cuoco and her hubby Ryan Sweeting. They met and got married within a matter of months. Kaley admits it was crazy, but says it works for them. They’re soul mates! But is it still working for Ryan? “Life & Style” is reporting that the more Ryan gets to know his new bride, the less happy he is. The magazine quotes sources who say Kaley is very insecure, and to cope with her insecurities, she drinks. And when she drinks, Kaley has no filter. She mouths off about whatever is bothering her and when she starts to get jealous or acts needy, Ryan calls her on it. Then she gets emotional and Ryan is pretty much over it.

You know who’s not happy about Khloe Kardashian dating French Montana? French’s girlfriend. Her name is Trina. She’s a rapper. And she’s not just French’s girlfriend, says they’ve been living together in NJ for YEARS. Their source says when French started hanging out with Khloe, he suddenly stopped speaking to Trina. However, Khloe doesn’t plan on bringing French to Kimye’s wedding. She’s going solo.

Tension is high on the “Glee” set lately. Reportedly, the cast is over Lea Michele’s diva behavior, especially when she recently stopped shooting a scene so she could step away and take care of a personal matter. Sources told TMZ that on behalf of the rest of the cast, Naya Rivera went to producers and let them know that Lea was ticking everybody off. This is where the story gets a little twisted. TMZ says Naya’s sources say that when Lea returned to the set and found out what Naya had done, she stormed off. Lea’s sources are saying this isn’t true. In fact, they say Naya was upset about other issues before filming even started and that she’s the one who got tossed off the set. Some sources are even saying that Naya was fired.


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