Was Zayn Malik forced out of One Direction?

“Downton Abbey” will end after season 6… Is Rob Kardashian really feuding with his family?… Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris grocery shopping… Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are back on… and Was Zayn Malik forced out of One Direction?

It’s the most popular PBS drama of all time, but the news we’ve been dreading has finally come — “Downton Abbey” will end after season 6. BUT!! We have a bit of hope! Producers are seriously thinking about doing a “Downton Abbey” movie!!

Is this all part of the buildup to his own reality show or is Rob Kardashian really feuding with his family? Sources told RadarOnline.com that Rob wants to write a tell-all book about his family but Kris Jenner is prepared to hit him with a cease and desist if he actually tries to go through with it.

Going to the grocery store together. It’s a HUGE milestone in a relationship. So are things already that serious between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris? Taylor is in Nashville rehearsing for her upcoming tour and Calvin flew in to visit her. Rather than lay low, they did a Whole Foods run together on Wednesday. Sources inside the store say she had her arm draped through his as they perused the aisles. Taylor and Calvin were first spotted together at the Brit Awards in February, and last week she was in Vegas to watch him perform at Hakkasan.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are back on, but were they ever really off? Multiple sources told TMZ that their breakup back in June was a business move because her movie “The Boy Next Door” was coming up and producers felt like they could sell more tickets if the audience believed Jennifer and costar Ryan Guzman were hooking up in real life. But JLo and Casper could only manage to stay apart for a few weeks. They sneaked around to see each other whenever they could. But now they have nothing to hide! So that’s why they were kissing for everyone to see when he picked her up from the “American Idol” set this week.

RadarOnline.com is reporting that there was more to Zayn Malik’s decision to leave One Direction than just stress and the desire for a more normal life. Sources say the group’s management gave him an ultimatum — get sober or get out. Zayn refused, so management decided it was best for him to go, but they let him make the announcement that it was his decision. Zayn gave his first interview since leaving 1D to “The Sun.” He said he doesn’t regret walking away and that he’s never felt more in control in his life. Apparently, he’s wanted to leave for a while but he tried to make it work “for the sake of other people’s happiness.” Zayn also said there is no tension between him and the other guys in the group. He said, “My band has been really supportive. They’ve been cool about it. And they understand that, you know, it’s not real to me anymore.” He also said he and his fiancee Perrie Edwards are still together and she supports his decision.


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