Showbiz Top 5: Wedding bells for One Direction

A Nickelodeon star reveals he’s gay…Kim and Kanye throw Kris Jenner a bone while Kylie rewards her friends’ good deeds…and who is getting married from One Direction?

If you have a kid, then you probably know this character Fred who’s on Nickelodeon all the time. He sounds like he’s on a permanent helium balloon high. Fred is played by Lucas Cruikshank and he does a little YouTube show called “Ask Lucas and Jennifer” with his buddy Jennifer Veal, who plays Nanny Agatha on “Jessie.” Well, one of the questions for Lucas came in and it was, “Are you gay?” And his answer? “Yes!” Lucas said he hadn’t felt the need to make a huge announcement, but Jennifer says it should’ve been obvious, what with all the pictures they show of them having sleepovers and giving each other facials. Lucas has been blown away by the support, even retweeting a post from Cher that said simply, “proud of you!” is reporting that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West turned down an Australian news outlet’s $4 million offer for the first photos of baby North. That’s because they’re throwing Kris Jenner a bone! To guarantee she has the highest ratings possible from her last show of her summer test-run, Kanye has agreed to go on Kris Jenner’s talk show this Friday AND show a photo of North.


When that stripper Jennifer Richardson came forward claiming that she and Lamar Odom had a long-term affair, Lamar reportedly told Khloe Kardashian that this woman was nothing more than an obsessed groupie. Oh yeah?? Jennifer says not only was she more than just a groupie, she claims that for Christmas, Lamar gave her a diamond heart-shaped ring from Tiffany’s that cost him $50K! You don’t give a groupie a $50K ring, right? Well, Jennifer……I took one look at that ring and knew it wasn’t $50K. In fact, one quick Google search and I found that Tiffany’s ring……for $775! So, um, yeah…A multi-million dollar earning NBA star would have no problem giving one of his groupies a $775 ring. In fact, that’s what he probably gave all his groupies for Christmas.

When Kylie Jenner invited all her friends to her Sweet 16 party, she asked them to skip the birthday presents for her and bring gifts that can be donated to the local children’s hospital. But what Kylie’s 150+ guests didn’t know was that they would also be getting presents….luxury gift bags worth over $1000 each! Of course, she threw in some of her own products — she’s a Kardashian at heart! Always gotta promote yourself!! So guests were treated to jewelry from Kendall and Kylie’s Metal Haven collection, as well as Kardashian Beauty makeup, 808 headphones, iPod speakers, gift cards and more.

One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards are engaged! Last month, Zayn had Perrie’s face tattooed on his arm. He said she was shocked at first, but loved it. And Zayn shocked her again this weekend when he dropped down on one knee and popped the question! A source told “The Mirror” that this was the first time in a long time that the two of them had any serious alone time together, so he took advantage of the opportunity. Perrie was wearing her engagement ring on the red carpet at the London premiere of One Direction’s new movie, “This Is Us.”

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