Wendy Williams Has Filed For Divorce

Disney + starts November 12th… Amber Heard’s claims… An Ariana Grande rumor… Jussie Smollett is sued… and Wendy Williams has filed for divorce

Yesterday, Disney revealed a few details about their new streaming service, Disney +. It’s going to launch in November with an introductory price of $6.99/month, or you can save a little by paying $69.99 all at once. And since you’re paying for all that, you don’t have to watch any ads. Disney said they’ll ease into streaming and will gradually roll out movies and tv shows. At first, Disney+ will include 7,500 episodes of current and off-air TV shows, 25 original series and 10 original movies and specials, 400 library movie titles, and 100 recent theatrical films release. Disney + will also be the new home of “The Simpsons” — all 30 seasons of it.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp had a strict confidentiality agreement as part of their 2016 divorce settlement. But last year, Amber wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Post describing her abuse. She didn’t call out Johnny by name, but he filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Amber because of the insinuation it was him. In response to his lawsuit, Amber is laying it all out there in new court documents. She claims that about a year into their relationship, Johnny began abusing drugs and alcohol which made him “a totally different person” that she called “The Monster.” She claims that the first time Johnny hit her was because she laughed at something he said. She also claims that when she filmed a movie with James Franco, Johnny became insanely jealous and attacked her on a private plane before he passed out in the bathroom. She describes several incidents of abuse that involved slapping, choking, kicking, dragging, hair-grabbing and face-spitting. Johnny’s lawyers claim to have extensive proof that she is lying.

Scooter Braun tweeted, “Coachella you have no idea what’s coming!!!!” His busiest client, Ariana Grande, is headlining Coachella this Sunday, and despite what Scooter tweeted, her fans think they’ve figured out EXACTLY what’s coming. Yesterday, Ariana posted a couple of videos — one of her mom holding her in the audience of an ’N Sync concert in 1999, and another was a current video of Ariana doing the original choreography from ’N Sync’s “Tearin’ Up My Heart” in her dressing room. Add that to the fact that she sampled “It Makes Me Ill” on her song “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,” and everybody now thinks Ariana will bring out ’N Sync to perform with her on Sunday night. We’ll see if they’re right!

The city of Chicago followed through with their threat. They’ve sued Jussie Smollett to recover the money spent on police overtime pay during the investigation of his alleged hate crime. The Chicago PD calculated 1836 hours of overtime, which cost taxpayers $130,106.15. Under a city ordinance, the city is entitled to recoup three times its total damages, which is about $390,000. The city also wants Jussie to pay for unspecified attorneys’ fees and costs, as well as a $1000 fine for each false statement to the police. How much will THAT add up to??!! Jussie is too busy vacationing in Hawaii to be concerned with this right now.

Wendy Williams finally did it. She took off her wedding ring and served her husband Kevin Hunter with divorce papers ON THE SET OF HER TALK SHOW! Kevin is an executive producer on the show, so that must’ve been awkward. A source told Entertainment Tonight that Wendy should’ve ended the marriage a long time ago, but she tried to make it work. But having a baby with his mistress was the final straw. The source said he kept lying about it until the very end, but he finally confessed and that was it for Wendy.


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