Wendy Williams Loses Big Endorsement Deals

Forbes highest-earning celebrities… Niall Horan’s PDA… Dr. Phil filed a lawsuit… Calvin Harris leaves nightclub with Nicole Scherzinger… and Wendy Williams loses endorsement deals

Forbes is out with their list of the world’s highest-earning celebrities for 2016, which seems a little premature because it’s only July, but this does actually cover the past 12 months. Taylor Swift sits on top of the Celebrity 100, earning $170 million.  She earned a wad of that from her 1989 World Tour, which grossed a BILLION dollars. But she also has endorsement deals with Apple, Diet Coke and Keds. Coming in second is One Direction, who collectively earned $110 million. Author James Patterson is third with $95 million, with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and Dr. Phil McGraw both earned $88 million to round out the top five. And even though she only ranked 42nd with $51 million, Kim Kardashian was chosen to grace the cover of this special Forbes issue.


We haven’t heard much out of Niall Horan for a while, but now the internet is in an uproar over the PDA he displayed with his new girlfriend. Niall showed up for a Mumford and Sons concert yesterday afternoon with a pretty young woman named Celine Helene Vandycke. But Directioners seem to be okay with it, for the most part. One tweeted, “HE’S DATING A NORMAL. THE ACTUAL DREAM. SHE IS THE KATE MIDDLETON OF OUR GENERATION!!!!!!!” That may be a bit extreme, but Celine does seem to have her stuff together. According to a LinkedIn account that we believe belongs to her she’s a European Law graduate from the University of Exeter. She’s currently studying law at France’s Universite de Rennes. E! News did a little digging and also found out that Celine is from Belgium and speaks several languages, including Dutch, French and English.

Dr. Phil has filed a $250 million lawsuit against the company that owns the National Enquirer for libel. The lawsuit lists dozens of articles that have been written about him and his wife Robin over the years, saying they have all sorts of marital problems, including physical and alcohol abuse.  Dr. Phil’s complaint was also filed on behalf of his wife, Robin, whose been married to him now for 40 years. Back in 2013, Dr. Phil actually signed a 2-year agreement with AMI dictating that he wouldn’t sue the company for defamation if it ceased publishing stories about him. But in February of this year, the Enquirer ran an article claiming Dr. Phil had smashed a beer mug over another man’s head during a Texas bar fight in the 1970s. According to his lawsuit, the altercation never occurred and the bar cited in the piece didn’t even open until years later. Dr. Phil further contends that the Enquirer fabricates its sources, and has actively tried to damage his integrity.

Calvin Harris was seen leaving a London nightclub arm-in-arm with Nicole Scherzinger, which has everybody gossiping that he’s on the rebound from Taylor Swift. But insiders say this isn’t what it looks like AT ALL. Calvin and Nicole know each other casually and bump into each other from time to time, which is what happened at this club. Calvin ended up hanging out with Nicole and her girlfriends and at the end of the night, offered them to share his ride. Nicole’s camp says she is still dating some tennis guy named Grigor Dimitrov.

Wendy Williams took a lot of heat for some comments she made on her talk show after Jesse Williams’ BET Awards acceptance speech on racism. She said his speech was “very poignant. On the other hand, I would be really offended if there was a school that was known as a historically white college. We have historically black colleges. What if there was the National Organization for White People, only? There’s the NAACP.” The audience was silent. Chevrolet was not. They pulled out of an exclusive deal with Wendy, who reportedly has been sobbing about the loss ever since. On her show yesterday, she said she’s been getting a lot of criticism for her comments regarding racism, and that one of her biggest critics was TVOne’s Roland Martin, who ripped her apart on his show, calling her comments “silly” and suggesting that she “shut the hell up.” Wendy has now invited Roland to be on her talk show Thursday to clear the air.


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