Wendy Williams Will Be In Court

Jordyn Woods has a new clothing line… Rihanna is getting lots of love… People are slamming Dr. Phil… Cuba Gooding Jr.’s charge… and Wendy Williams will be in court today

Believing there is no such thing as bad publicity, Jordyn Woods responded to Sunday night’s scandalous “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” episode by going on Instagram to announce her new clothing line. Boohoo x Jordyn Woods is out tomorrow. This is actually her second collaboration with the British online retailer. Her first size-inclusive collection launched in 2016, with sizes ranging from 2 to 22. But unlike 3 years ago, Kylie Jenner isn’t there to support her BFF this time around. Comments are divided. Some are slamming Jordyn for profiting off Kylie’s name, while others are telling her to go for it. One said, “That’s right! Build your OWN damn brand sis! There is a legacy with YOUR name on it! No more standing in the shadow of anyone!”

Rihanna is getting lots of love for having a curvy mannequin with a tummy pooch and “hip dips” at her Fenty pop-up store. Normally, stores display clothing on size 2 mannequins, but not Rihanna. She dressed this mannequin in a sleeveless neon orange bodycon dress which emphasizes full breasts, a soft tummy and wide hips, and people are eating it up and tweeting the love! One wrote, “I was today years old when I seen my first mannequin with hip dips like me! Thank you Fenty.” Another wrote, “I have hip dips and saw it as an imperfection and now a fenty mannequin has them and they look bomb.”

People are slamming Dr. Phil for revealing Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s wedding date. We’ve known they were getting this summer in Paris, but they were keeping the exact date private. However, when Joe and Sophie arrived in the City of Lights, followed by Nick and Priyanka, we all knew it was getting close! But back on Saturday when Sophie posted a picture of her and Joe kissing with the Eiffel Tower in the background, Dr. Phil got in the comments, “Easy now! 1 week to go! Ha! See you at the wedding!” He got slammed for “shooting off his big mouth and destroying their privacy.” But I’m seeing it more as a humble brag!

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s attorneys have filed a motion asking a judge to dismiss groping charges based on the accuser’s blog posts. Cuba told TMZ that based on her blog posts, the woman suffers from a “warped mental state.” In one entry, she writes, “I got diagnosed with depression, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD and basically learned that my brain was one big fat mass.” In another, she says, “…In a world of extensions and fake boobs, my short haircut paired with my moderate breast size makes me feel invisible. Some people are scared of others and want nothing more than to be invisible. I am not that type of person. I am starting to be seen.” A hearing is set for Wednesday, and Cuba is optimistic that based on these blog posts and the security footage of the alleged groping incident, the judge will toss the case.

Wendy Williams will be in court today to support her son as he enters a plea in his assault case. Right after Wendy found out her husband Kevin Hunter had a baby with his mistress, they got into a huge fight and Kevin Jr. allegedly punched his dad in the nose. Kevin Sr. doesn’t want to press charges, but because this is a domestic incident, prosecutors may decide to move forward with the case. Either way, Wendy and Kevin Sr. will be united in support of their son in court today.

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