Showbiz Top 5: What caused the latest celeb to break away from Scientology?

Bachelor Sean Lowe puts the wedding on hold…Don’t ask Selena about Justin…and Lamar Odom goes nuts on paparazzi. Kellie Rasberry has the scoop in today’s Showbiz Top 5.

Remember how Bachelor Sean Lowe said he and his fiancée Catherine Giudici were going to get married this summer and the whole thing would be filmed for a TV special? Yeah, about that………..The wedding is on hold. Of course, the couple says the wedding is still on and that they just want to enjoy each other and take their time planning the perfect wedding and blah blah blah. These two will never make it down the aisle………….

Leah Remini is the latest celebrity to make a break from the Church of Scientology. A source told Page Six that she’s quitting because the church’s policies don’t allow members to question ANYTHING about the leader David Miscavige’s rule, and that apparently includes any personal questions, too. It apparently began in 2006 at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ wedding. Reportedly, Leah innocently asked David where his wife Shelly was, and another Scientology leader WENT OFF on her, saying, “You don’t have the f***ing right to ask about Shelly!” Interesting to note, Shelly hasn’t been seen since 2007…Perhaps that was Leah’s first red flag, because she started questioning the reported abuse of members of the Sea Org and forcing members to disconnect from family members who leave the church. That’s when, according the source, Leah was blacklisted. Even though she’d donated millions to the church, she was then put thru some serious interrogations and had to endure five years of thought modification. On top of that, her family was investigated, too. Finally, Leah had enough and now she’s considering going public with what’s been done to her and her family.

 Even though she put a voice mail message that may or may not be Justin Bieber at the beginning of her new song, “Love Will Remember”…and even though the song is apparently about their on-again, off-again relationship, all journalists and DJs who are interviewing Selena Gomez about her new single and upcoming CD are FORBIDDEN to ask any questions about Justin or anything even relating to relationships — just in case some clever DJs try to come up with a creative way to dance around the subject. In fact, one journalist from Toronto says he received this warning from Selena’s handlers:  “Just want to stress again how important it is to not ask any Bieber questions or anything even relating to relationships.”

 Rihanna has been getting a lot of grief for showing up late for concerts lately, but this one takes the cake. She was scheduled to perform an intimate concert in Monte Carlo last night for a smaller audience than usual. Fans paid at least $780 a ticket and Rihanna kept them waiting for THREE HOURS! Many in the audience were tweeting their anger:  “…This delay is abuse” and “I haven’t been waiting for 3 hours for nothing, have I?” and “I hope she dies.” Seriously?? A death sentence for showing up late??

When a couple of paparazzi dared to ask Lamar Odom about his alleged affair with a stripper, he went crazy nuts on them! has the video. Lamar went to the back of one of their cars, grabbed all of the stuff out of the back seat and threw it out into the middle of the busy street. Then he went over to the other photographer’s car and smashed his window with a metal bar. He was still angry, so that’s when Lamar picked up all that camera equipment from the street and put it in his trunk. That’s when a fan got out of her car and asked Lamar for a picture….and he couldn’t have been any nicer!! By the way, Lamar eventually gave the photographer all his stuff back. And if it is true that Lamar is cheating on Khloe Kardashian with a stripper, you wouldn’t know it based on her tweets! She’s on there calling the paparazzi a bunch of losers and professing her love for her husband.

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