CBS sued by ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ actors… Viral ‘Dreams’ Skateboarder costume… Reunion of ‘The Proposal’ stars… Kanye West’s 1st campaign ad… and This week’s TV teasers

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Three men are suing “NCIS: New Orleans” after a filming a robbery scene that got way too real, and could’ve ended up with someone being killed! Back in October 2017, the men claim they were approached by “NCIS” producers about filming a robbery scene in the jewelry store one of the men owned. Of course! Who doesn’t want to be in a dramatic scene like that! So in broad daylight, the two actors pulled up to the store in an unmarked van, and wearing ski masks and carrying fake machine guns, they ran into the store yelling, “This is a robbery!” I guess to keep it more authentic, nobody bothered to tell fellow store owners. Oh, and nobody bothered to file proper permits to film or notify the police that this was a staged robbery for a TV show. So one of the fellow store owners called 911 and minutes later, officers arrive with guns drawn and this could’ve gone really wrong, really fast. The men say they were traumatized and rightfully so! In fact, three years later, they’re still suffering the psychological effects. So now they’re suing CBS for damages. The 3 men claim the ordeal was terrifying and traumatizing … and they’re still feeling the psychological effects. They’re suing CBS for damages.

Nathan Apodaca — also known as TikTok user @420doggface208 — isn’t going to let a money-making opportunity slip through his fingers. TMZ was first to report that Nathan is turning his viral moment of skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” while drinking cranberry juice into a Halloween costume. It includes a gray hoodie that says “Steady Vibin’,” black shorts, a pair of white knee-high socks, a fake mustache and a temporary feather tattoo. It will be available on Nathan’s website — — later today. The basic costume lists for $87.99, but add-ons are available. There’s an option for an Ocean Spray coupon and a skateboard.

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock first made magic in “The Proposal,” but that was way back in 2009. Are they finally ready to give it to us again? There’s a new movie called “The Lost City of D” about a romance author — who would be played by Sandra — who finds out that a fictional city she’d written about is actually real. She and the actor who plays the lead character in her book then take a life-threatening journey to find this lost city. As of now, Ryan hasn’t committed to the project, but we have our fingers crossed.

Kanye West hasn’t given up his run for the White House. He just released his campaign ad on social media and it’s actually really good. He shares his vision for this country, talking about the importance of faith, prayer and family. He’s also filed the paperwork to secure the rights to “God Save America,” which he would then slap on all sorts of merchandise.

Don’t forget to watch “The Bachelorette” on ABC tonight! But tomorrow night, switch over to NBC because…..Surprise! It’s the 2020 Billboard Music Awards! Am I the only one who missed this? Post Malone leads with 16 nominations, so he will be performing. Also scheduled to perform are BTS, Demi Lovato, Saint Jhn, Doja Cat, and Brandy, just to name a few. There’s also an anniversary reunion from En Vogue and a special performance by ICON Award winner Garth Brooks. Kelly Clarkson returns for her third year as host.

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