Showbiz Top 5: Who didn’t make it on the Kardashian Christmas Card

Brooke Hogan calls off engagement with Phil Costa… Hugh Jackman has a skin cancer scare… Miley is taking over MTV for her 21st Birthday… Taylor Swift is spending time with Douglas Booth… and who didn’t make it on the Kardashian Christmas Card

Depending on how excited you were to hear that Brooke Hogan got engaged to a Dallas Cowboy is exactly how much this first story is going to affect you. I’m guessing, it’s not going to have that much of an impact on your day. But Brooke has called off her engagement to Cowboys center Phil Costa. He popped the question in Vegas back in June, but Brooke reportedly realized that things were moving way too fast and she broke it off. Besides, she wants to focus on her music career. Remember that? No? That’s why she needs to concentrate on that and not picking out the perfect shade of pink for the napkins at her wedding reception. She’s already packed her bags and moved back to LA, where she’ll be finishing up her album.

Hugh Jackman’s wife noticed a bump growing on his nose and insisted he get it checked out. And yesterday, Hugh posted a picture of himself on Instagram with a big bandage across his schnoz. He captioned it, “Deb said to get the mark on my nose checked. Boy she was right!” Hugh was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, which can often show up as a red or pale lump. Hugh is now encouraging his fans to get themselves checked and to USE SUNSCREEN!

Miley Cyrus is turning 21. She can finally drink!! Legally, I mean. And to celebrate, she’s taking over MTV for 8 hours tomorrow, starting at noon Eastern. It starts off with the new half-hour special “21 Candles:  Miley’s MTV Moments.” After that, MTV will give us “Miley:  The Movement” again, but with new commentary from Miley. And then she will introduce and host episodes of her favorite MTV shows, “Awkward” and “Snooki and JWOWW.” And the reign of Miley ends with a repeat of the “21 Candles” special. And since that’s not enough to satisfy Miley’s ego, if you go on Twitter or Instagram and use #HappyBirthdayMiley, you’ve got a chance to have your birthday message or video shown on MTV throughout the day. And don’t forget, Miley is performing at the American Music Awards on Sunday night.

So Harry Styles thinks he can just take Kendall Jenner to dinner and get away with it?? Nuh-uh! Taylor Swift is going after another British boy now — some hot little British actor named Douglas Booth. You can check him out in the upcoming “Romeo & Juliet” movie. Last weekend, Taylor and Douglas were seen cuddling up for HOURS in a private booth at a London pub. “Life & Style) magazine reports that the bar staff stood guard to stop fans from interrupting them.  And it turns out, this was a blind date that apparently went very well. Taylor’s good friend Hailee Steinfeld – who’s starring with Douglas in “Romeo & Juliet” – played matchmaker.

Somebody at TooFab apparently saw the traditional Kardashian family Christmas card already, and it might be surprising to find out who’s NOT in it this year. No big surprise that Lamar Odom didn’t make the cut, but reportedly Kanye West, baby North and Rob Kardashian aren’t in it, either! Toofab reports that Kim might be starting her own family tradition, though, because she’s planning on sending out a card with just her, Kanye and Nori. Meantime, Lamar says he’s staying sober on his own and he’s in Rhode Island, training so he’ll be ready if any NBA team decides to call. But TMZ says that whole sobriety thing might not be going so well for Lamar. They’ve got a video that they claim was shot this month, and it shows a shirtless Lamar rapping incoherently about drugs, making money off of his fragrance “Unbreakable,” and cheating on Khloe. Not good…………

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