Who Is The Blurred Out Face On “The Bachelor”?

Weekend box office… Disney is developing another live-action… Amanda Bynes announces she’s engaged… Drew Carey’s ex was murdered… and Who is the blurred out face on “The Bachelor”?

“Sonic the Hedgehog” opened in first place over the weekend with $57M, and then added another $11M on Presidents’ Day. This movie was actually supposed to open back in November, but when the first trailer came out last April, people hated the way Sonic looked. The reactions were so brutal, Paramount Studios spent close to $5M to make the necessary changes. “Birds of Prey” earned another $17.1M for a second place finish. “Fantasy Island” opened in third with $12.4M, followed by another new movie, “The Photograph,” which opened in fourth with $12.3M. And rounding out the top five was “Bad Boys for Life” with $11.3M. But no matter how much we love Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, apparently we don’t love them together. “Downhill” bombed, opening in tenth place with only $5M.

And it looks like our next live-action Disney remake will be……. “Tangled”! While Mandy Moore was the voice of Rapunzel, she’s probably aged out of portraying the damsel in distress. The internet is throwing out their favorites to play the main characters. How would you feel about Florence Pugh or Sabrina Carpenter as Rapunzel? Could you see Jordan Flynn or Zayn Malik as Flynn? But seriously, who else but Cher could play Mother Gothel…..

Amanda Bynes popped back on Instagram over the weekend to let us know she’s engaged. She posted a picture of a gigantic emerald cut engagement ring on her hand, which is holding the hand of a man wearing a gold wedding band. She captioned it, “Engaged to tha love of my life.” The next day, she posted a picture of her with some guy who looks semi-happy. She does not. She captioned this one, “Lover.” has been laying low since her very public breakdown a few years ago. She looks just as miserable in the picture she posted of the two of them yesterday. So who is this guy? He’s been identified as Paul Michael. According to E! Online, Amanda met Michael in rehab and they’ve been dating for about 2 or 3 months.

Drew Carey’s former fiancée, Dr. Amie Harwick, was either pushed or thrown to her death off her 3rd floor apartment balcony. Her ex-boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse, has been arrested and charged with her murder. Radar Online spoke with Gareth’s mother, Barbara, who said her son dated Amie about six years ago and that she broke his heart. He was so devastated, he broke off all communication with his family. In fact, Barbara said they haven’t spoken since then. But Amie was so afraid of Gareth, she filed a restraining order against him. Radar Online says that after the restraining order expired recently, Amie and Gareth rekindled their romance. According to a statement from the LAPD, they last saw each other about two weeks ago. But then late Friday night, Gareth burst into Amie’s apartment and started attacking her. Amie’s roommate was able to jump over a wall and run to a neighbor’s house to call for help. When police arrived, Amie was found unconscious on the ground. She later died from her injuries. Gareth was arrested 3 hours later at his home. He’s now being held on $2M bond. Drew is so upset about what’s happened that all filming of “The Price Is Right” has been suspended for the week.

On last night’s “Bachelor,” who was that blurry-faced woman who showed up to warn Peter the Pilot about Victoria? She’s Merissa Pence, and she and Peter dated for about five months back in 2012. And we’re not sure why they decided to blur her face because Merissa was happy to show it in last week’s issue of “Us Weekly.” Merissa reached out to producers to voice her concerns about the relationship-destroyer, Victoria. She said they called her back the Sunday before filming in Virginia Beach to talk about her possibly appearing on the show. Merissa said they talked for about an hour and they said they’d call her back. When they finally did, they told her they didn’t have time to vet the situation, so thanks, but no thanks. But the next morning, she called and asked if it was okay to stop by to watch filming and “maybe talk to Peter” after his date. They texted her bout 30 minutes before she needed to be there and told her that would be fine. Merissa said she signed paperwork, so that doesn’t explain why they decided to blur out her face. But when she noticed Peter and Victoria were separated, she went for it. Merissa said she tried to warn Peter without saying anything slanderous, which may be why she said Victoria was known for breaking up relationships. She told “Us Weekly” that Victoria was responsible for breaking up four MARRIAGES. In fact, she said one of the wives came up to her and thanked her for speaking up. But as we all saw, Peter the Pilot loves crying women and red flags because Victoria stayed.

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