Why Did Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Split?

Colin Farrell & Verne Troyer get help… Most expensive “American Idol” season EVER… Blac Chyna’s “behavioral issues”… Logan Paul shocked by YouTube shooting… and Why Did Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Split?

A couple of celebrities getting help for different reasons. Colin Farrell has checked into rehab. Sources say it’s because he’s been feeling overwhelmed lately and has been having urges to start using again. So he’s getting help before he falls off the wagon. And Verne Troyer — Mini Me from the “Austin Powers” movies — has been placed on involuntary psychiatric hold. Somebody called 911 from Verne’s home in North Hollywood last night saying he was extremely upset, drunk and suicidal. Verne has fought alcoholism for quite some time. It was almost a year ago when he was admitted to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and then checked into rehab.

CBS and Fox are VERY happy they passed on the “American Idol” reboot. ABC’s version got beaten by “The Voice” again when they went head-to-head Monday night. (Here’s an idea — move “American Idol” to a different night!) This is also the most expensive season EVER for the show, with Katy Perry making a reported $25 million, Ryan Seacrest and Luke Bryan each making a reported $12 million and Lionel Richie settling for $10 million. CBS’ Les Moonves says the rebooted show didn’t make sense for his network because they would need to pull a 35 share in the ratings just to break even, which would never happen.

Maybe now that it’s costing her money, Blac Chyna will do something about that temper. TMZ says Chyna’s strolling slinging incident was what did it for the stroller company Momiie to kill their collaboration with her. Sources say the company was already uneasy with Chyna’s “behavioral issues” and they weren’t exactly thrilled about her leaked sex tape. But the video from Chyna’s temper tantrum at Six Flags on Easter Sunday that finally convinced them that this isn’t the right image for their company.

You Tube star Logan Paul was shocked and saddened by the shooting at YouTube’s headquarters yesterday, posting, “To my online family, I will not be posting a blog in light of today’s shooting at YouTubeHQ. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones. I’m also tired of typing and reading that exact sentence. CHANGE. IS. NECESSARY.” According to authorities, a woman named Nasim Aghdam who had several YouTube channels, wasn’t happy that her videos were being censored and she felt she was being discriminated against because of her Muslim faith. Nasim shot three people in the offices, one of whom is in critical condition. As employees fled the building, some reported she was in the courtyard yelling, “Come get me!” She died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan (has she dropped Tatum yet?) say they still love each other as much as they ever did, but nobody really bought that, right? Sources told Page Six that they’ve been living separately for months, with Jenna in Beverly Hills and Channing at their ranch in Ojai. One source says Jenna was troubled by Channing’s success and that he was turning down jobs because of her, which led to a lot of fights. Plus, the source said, Jenna wasn’t a fan of Channing’s drinking and flirting and eventually, they fell out of love with each other.


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