Showbiz Top 5: Will Smith caught cheating!?

Bad news for Kanye West’s Yeezus tour… Miley Cyrus gets a grandma-inspired tattoo… Lindsay Lohan is ‘totally drunk’ and a home wrecker… Denise Richards says she will no longer care for the twins of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller… and Will Smith caught cheating!?

Maybe Kanye West needs to stop, regroup, and rethink this whole tour business. He reportedly has now canceled his Nov. 7th and 9th shows in Chicago because of damaged equipment. Recent shows in Vancouver, Denver and Minneapolis were canceled for the same reason. Last week, a truck carrying a custom-made video truss and a 60-foot circular LED screen was involved in an accident that damaged the equipment beyond repair. Rather than compromise his vision, Kanye would rather wait until everything is rebuilt.

She can’t stop! And she WON’T stop! I don’t know how many this is overall, but Miley Cyrus just got her fourth tattoo from Kat Von D. This one is on the inner part of her right arm. It’s the face of a woman — from a photo that was apparently taken way back in the day — and Miley captioned it, “Because I am her favorite & she is mine.” When a fan asked her who it was, Miley responded, “Mammie.” So, if this is Miley’s grandmother, how do her brothers and sisters feel now that they know Miley’s her favorite? And how can you do all your party drugs if you look down and see your grandma smiling up at you from your drug-taking arm??

Lindsay Lohan is a drunken man-stealer!! That’s according to, which is quoting a source as saying that Lindsay has fallen off the wagon. Not only that, remember that 18-year-old Ralph Lauren model she was seen with last week? His name is Morgan O’Connor, and apparently Lindsay has been sneaking around with him for the past few months while his girlfriend has been off at college. When she flew home for a visit, she reportedly discovered all these text messages from Lindsay on his cell phone….messages saying things like, “I don’t want to leave you!” and “Don’t kiss any other girls please!” The girlfriend confronted Morgan, who promised to break things off with Lindsay. Just to show how much he meant it, Morgan reportedly texted Lindsay right in front of her saying that he was in love with his girlfriend and that he never wanted to see Lindsay again. But says the minute the girlfriend went back to college, Morgan was back with Lindsay.

No joking around — we all need to pray for Charlie Sheen’s twin sons, Bob and Max. They are caught up in the middle of a nightmare and it looks like their only chance at a normal life is out the window. Denise Richards has told the LA Department of Children and Family Services that she can no longer care for the son’s of her ex-husband’s other ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. Denise wrote, in part, “With a heavy heart, I must inform you that I can no longer be Bob and Max’s caregiver…Unfortunately, I have seen them get worse with increased contact with their mom.” In the letter, Denise claims that when the boys return from Brooke’s home, the exhibit “extreme violent mood swings” and “violent behavior.” She has witnessed them beat the dog and attack her daughters. She said her girls have been “strangled, kicked in the head and stomach, scratched, bit, slapped, punched in the face and head, and spit on.” She described other incidents that are too disgusting to repeat here. Denise says that for the sake of her daughters, she has to let the boys go. You can read Denise’s entire letter on

Adding more fuel to the rumors that Will and Jada Smith are on the rocks, “Star” magazine is reporting that Will got a little too close to his “Focus” co-star Margot Robbie at a party in New Orleans last month. When Will auditioned with the 23-year-old blonde from Australia, he said they had a “natural chemistry.” And apparently, behind the privacy of a flimsy photo booth curtain, the chemistry was bubbling over! Will was lifting Margot’s shirt and pressing his bare chest against her. An eyewitness told the magazine that Will wasn’t acting like a married man AT ALL. In fact, this witness says they were acting like a new couple in love. And “Star” magazine has the pictures from that steamy photo booth session in this week’s issue, which hits newsstands tomorrow.

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