Country star Zac Brown involved in hotel room drug bust

Diana Ross in car crash… Justin Bieber’s Cleveland concert could be bumped… Liam Hemsworth denies being engaged… Celebrity baby-palooza… and Zac Brown was caught up in a drug bust

How horrified would you be if you were driving along not paying attention, ran a stop sign, and hit Lincoln Town Car carrying DIANA ROSS!! That’s what happened to a young woman from New Jersey. Miss Ross was being driven to a performance in Pennsylvania when her chauffeur-driven was struck by an SUV. Police say Miss Ross complained of head and neck pain and was treated at the scene. No one else was hurt.

There’s a huge problem brewing in Cleveland. Justin Bieber is scheduled to play the arena there on Tuesday, April 26. It’s been on the books for months. But when it was booked, nobody knew the Cavaliers would make the playoffs. And nobody could’ve guessed that the NBA would schedule a home game the same night as Justin’s concert! But, this is a best-of-7 series, so there is a chance that the Cavs could be out it by then and no game would take place. But what if they’re still in it at that point? Who has to reschedule??

So Miley Cyrus popped that engagement ring back on and we all assumed she and Liam Hemsworth were engaged again. But when an Australian reporter asked Liam about it on March 31, Liam responded, “I am not engaged, no.” Granted, this was over two weeks ago and things could’ve changed between then and now, but that’s a pretty firm denial.

It was baby-palooza for celebrities yesterday! First Kelly Clarkson tweeted that she’d delivered her baby boy on Tuesday. His name is Remington Alexander Blackstock. This is the second child for her and hubby Brandon Blackstock. Big sister, River Rose, will be 2 in June. And then news broke that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting their second child. Their daughter Esmeralda is 19-months-old. The couple hasn’t confirmed the pregnancy. And after that, we heard that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their second baby, too! They haven’t confirmed it, either, but Blake was trying to hide her baby bump while reshooting some scenes for her upcoming movie, “The Shallows.” Their daughter James is now 15 months old.

TMZ is reporting that the police in Palm Beach lied and covered up the fact that country music star Zac Brown was caught up in a drug bust. About a week ago around 5:30am, officers raided a room at the Four Seasons hotel and arrested four people — including two strippers — for marijuana and cocaine possession. TMZ learned that Zac was in the room but not arrested because the arresting officers were huge fans! Their sources say several of them asked for his autograph and that one officer even made fun of one of the strippers for not knowing who Zac Brown was. TMZ’s sources say that Zac asked the police to keep his name out of their report because he has a wife and kids. And TMZ says they have made several calls to the Palm Beach Police Department and each time they strongly and repeatedly say there is no evidence that Zac Brown was ever in that room.


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