Zayn Malik calls off engagement to Perrie Edwards

The Jacksons have signed for reality TV show… “Bachelor in Paradise” wedding was all FAKE… Kim Kardashianloves her twitter fans… Blake Shelton is threatening to sue… and Zayn Malik calls off engagement to Perrie Edwards

Because going on reality TV is one of the healthiest choices a family can make, the Jacksons have signed back up for one. “The Jacksons: Next Generation” will be on Lifetime starting in October. The show will follow Tito’s three sons, TJ, Taryll, and Taj, who perform as 3T. It will also feature Michael’s kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket. According to Lifetime, the show will also reveal how the family reacts to the “constant rumors, stalkers, and frauds who all want a piece of anything and anyone related to the family’s legacy.”

Once again proving that he’s a great big LIAR, that wedding Chris Harrison officiated on the season two opener of “Bachelor in Paradise” was all FAKE. They just went through the motions of a wedding to get people to watch. In fact, Marcos Grodd and Lacy Faddoul don’t even have a marriage license.

Last month, Kim Kardashian told “Vogue Spain” how she starts every day reading tweets from her followers. She said, “I love them. I adore them. I like knowing what’s going on in their lives.” Kim talked about one fan in particular who loves Kim so much she goes by @MyleezaKardash. She said, “There’s a girl I follow on Twitter, she has the best account and is always defending me and saying nice things about me. When I heard she was at one of Kanye’s shows I asked her to tell me where she was and sent my security for her so she could sit with me and go backstage. I know her birthday is in August and I’m flying to New Orleans, where she lives, to have dinner with her. I’m doing it because she’s a really good person, a friend I found thanks to social media.” Well! Kim really meant it!! She flew to New Orleans to celebrate Myleeza’s 21st birthday, giving her a pair of her hubby’s Yeezy tennis shoes and having North sing her “Happy Birthday” over Factime. Kim also tweeted pics with the birthday girl, captioning them,  “You have always been so real & supportive! Your tweets light up my day!!! Love you forever doll @MyleezaKardash.”

Blake Shelton is threatening to sue “In Touch” magazine if they don’t retract their story about him having an affair with country singer Cady Groves. In a letter to the magazine, Blake’s attorneys describe Cady as a girl who had become infatuated with Blake. And as far as their “source” who described the affair, the attorneys said they knew good and well that source was Cady herself and any insinuation by her that she and Blake had an affair is an outright lie.

Another day, another celebrity breakup! The Twitterverse was alive with reaction to the news that Zayn Malik has called off his 2-year engagement to Perrie Edwards. But there’s not a lot of love on there for broken-hearted Perrie. In fact, the mood is downright celebratory! One tweeted, “Is it bad that I am thrilled that Zayn and perrie broke up?” And another wrote, “wow. I’ve waited for 2 years. it’s finally here. I can’t process it. oh my gosh.”


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