Zayn’s New Music Video Debuts

Kim Richards back on reality TV… “Grease: Live” is this Sunday… Oscars controversy brewing… Zayn Malik’s new music video debuts… and Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney wedding details

Whoever puts Kim Richards back on reality TV needs to check and see whether or not they still have a soul. But “Real Housewife of Beverly Hills” train wreck Kim is filming “The Mother/Daughter Experiment” for Lifetime right now. The premise of the show is to mend broken relationships between moms and daughters. Kim is trying to work out things with her daughter, Kimberly, who has a problem with mom’s inability to stay sober. Heidi Montag signed up with her mom Darlene. Natalie Nunn from the “Bad Girls Club” is working things out with her mom, Karen. Former Mrs. Kevin Federline, Shar Jackson, and her daughter Cassie are on the show, as well as Jessica Canseco and her model daughter, Josie, who recently got a DUI. Should be a hot mess….and we all get to watch starting March 1st.

Don’t forget! “Grease: Live” is on Fox this Sunday night. The original stage production of “Grease” dates back to 1971 and was tweaked a bit before it hit Broadway in 1972. The original was set in Chicago and reflected the working-class lives of high school kids. When it closed in 1980, it became the longest-running show in Broadway history. The movie version we all know and love starred John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John and hit theaters in 1978. “Grease: Live” will be a combination of both.

With the Oscars controversy brewing, Hollywood publicists are freaking out about how their A-list clients will handle questions on the red carpet. Sources told Page Six that stars are being coached behind the scenes on how to answer sticky questions with the most non-offensive answers possible. Meantime, Oscars producers have been reaching out to black celebrities, hoping they’ll agree to be presenters. So far, Whoopi Goldberg and Kevin Hart said they’ll do it. Other presenters include Benicio del Toro, The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams, Tina Fey, Ryan Gosling, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, Charlize Theron and Jacob Tremblay.

Zayn Malik’s out with his first solo today and he’s got a hot and steamy music video to go along with it. Zayn says he wrote “Pillow Talk” two months after he left One Direction, while he was still engaged to Perrie Edwards. She may have been the one who inspired the lyrics, but his current girlfriend Gigi Hadid is the one making out all over him in the video.


Lady Gaga doesn’t believe in being perpetually engaged. Page Six is reporting that she and Taylor Kinney are scouting location in the Italian countryside. A source said they haven’t chosen a date or a venue. They’re taking their time making sure it’s the right time and place. But the source says Gaga wants a big, fat Italian wedding — how much fun will that be! Fashion insiders are expecting Donatella Versace to design the wedding gown, which makes sense since Gaga was the face of Versace in 2013. But Gaga is going to lock in a location first before she decides on a gown, because the venue will inspire the dress.


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