Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up….again

Reality Steve is being sued again for spoiling “The Bachelor.” Their production company says Steve breached a previous agreement they made to end their first lawsuit, so they’re suing him again. But about that first lawsuit…Reality Steve apparently promised to cut off all contact with any cast, crew or employees, but he DIDN’T agree to stop posting spoilers. In fact, he’s already posted spoilers for the new season, which kicks off Monday night. And now Steve says he’s thinking about filing a counter-lawsuit.

Naomi Campbell was violently attacked and robbed on the street in Paris. Reportedly, Naomi was trying to hail a taxi when she was knocked down to the ground and suffered a torn ligament in her leg. Naomi told French police that she believes the robber targeted her for her jewelry and had been following her, waiting for the right moment to strike. Naomi’s billionaire boyfriend flew her by private jet to Vail, Colorado, to be treated by one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the world.

Bethenny Frankel took her daughter Bryn to Aspen over the New Year holiday and left hubby, Jason Hoppy, back in NYC to pack up his stuff and move out. Jason wanted Bethenny to postpone the announcement of their separation until after the holidays, but she refused to wait. In fact, right before Christmas, Bethenny was rumored to be at a party at Andy Cohen’s house where she drunkenly approached Katie Holmes and asked for the name of her divorce attorney!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up again. Maybe this time, this breakup will stick. Just before Christmas, the two of them took a trip to Salt Lake City where they went skiing with Taylor Swift and her beau, Harry Styles. Then after Christmas, Justin and Selena flew to Mexico, where they were planning to ring in 2013. But they ended up having a huge fight and on Dec. 30, Selena hopped on a flight back to LA. Justin left the next day and the two of them haven’t seen each other since.

Rihanna made a resolution for 2013. We’re only four days in, but so far, so good! Rihanna resolved to spend the entire month of January with Chris Brown. A source told HollywoodLife.com that Rihanna thinks if she can spend every single day with Chris for a solid month, it will solidify their relationship and he will finally put Karrueche Tran behind him for good. And just to rub Karrueche’s nose in it, Rihanna’s constantly posting pictures of her and Chris together.