What argument broke up Justin and Selena?

Apparently, there are still daytime soap operas on TV!! Who knew?? Well, if you’re still hanging on with “General Hospital,” you will be thrilled to know that Genie Francis is coming back. Entertainment Weekly says Genie will return to the role of Laura Spencer for the soap’s 50th anniversary this year.

Just before the Academy Awards announces their nominees for the best of 2012, the Golden Raspberry Award nominees have been announced for the absolute WORST of last year. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part II” leads the worst of the worst, with 10 nominations covering every single category — Robert Pattinson for Worst Actor, Kristen Stewart for Worst Actress, Taylor Lautnter for Worst Supporting Actor, Robert and Kristen for Worst Couple, and the the movie is nominated for Worst Picture. The Razzies will be handed out February 23 — one day before the Oscars ceremony.

Karrueche Tran speaks! And she tells “Vibe” magazine that she feels like Chris Brown and Rihanna are throwing their relationship in her face. Really? You think? But Karrueche says, “It could be a lot worse. And that’s how I look at life. I take it for what it is.” “Vibe” asked Karrueche if she’d ever be willing to sit down with Chris and Rihanna so they can put everything out on the table, she said yes! But she says she’s a mature person and while she know she can work it out, it would be a lot of work…

We’re finding out a few more details about the big fight that ended Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship. The two of them flew down to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a rented mansion, but on December 30, they had a huge fight. Selena told some friends that Justin basically told her, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” So she packed her bags and checked into the Ritz-Carlton, and Justin packed his bags and headed over to the Four Seasons. Selena called her mom to tell her what had happened, and her mom told her not to stay in Mexico alone with no security. Come home NOW. And that’s exactly what she did. Selena left that same day; Justin left the next. They haven’t seen each other since.

We’re also finding out more about the big fight that ended Taylor Swift and Harry Styles’ two-month relationship. Apparently, Harry complained that the other guys in One Direction were getting a bit irritated with Haylor and that she should do more to make things work. That’s when Taylor threw out, “You’re lucky to be with me!!” She was so mad, she left the island. Harry popped over to Richard Branson’s island where he partied in the hot tub with some British TV host named Hermione Day.