See ya later Harry…Taylor Swift is after Bradley Cooper now!

This story just makes me sad — “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans is pregnant again. “Star” is reporting that 21-year-old Jenelle is a little over 6 weeks pregnant by her new husband, Courtland Rogers. Both Jenelle and Courtland have babies from previous relationships, but neither one of them have custody. Jenelle’s son Jace lives with her mom, and Courtland’s ex-girlfriend has custody of their daughter, JaJa. But Jenelle is very hopeful that having another baby will help her regain custody of her first child. Yeah. Because that’s how life works.

“Real Housewife of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss is engaged! Her fiance, Todd Tucker, works as a line producer for the show, which is how they met. They’ve been living together for several months, and while they were celebrating the New Year, Todd got down on one knee and proposed. Kandi says they’ve set aside two dates for their wedding, but they haven’t decided whether or not they’ll film it for the show.

So this past Monday night, we met the 25 women hoping to be the bride of “Bachelor” Sean Lowe. Maybe you already know some of the dirt because you’ve been reading spoilers on, but because I’m afraid of finding out who he picks, I can’t go there. But still, I want some scoop! So the “National Enquirer” did a little digging on some of these women, and apparently more than a couple have some skeletons they were hoping to keep locked in the closet. You know Kristy — the one who used to be a model with the Ford agency and won the Harlequin romance cover shoot? Back in 2011, Kristy was featured on in what could be called a less than flattering self-portrait. Catherine grew up with an abusive dad who was committed to a psych ward. Back in 2007, Leslie H. was arrested for DUI. And back in 2003, Taryn was working as a waitress when she went crazy nuts on her boss, slamming a salt shaker into her boss’ face during a staff meeting. She was arraigned on assault and harassment charges.

Lindsay Lohan and her new attorney weren’t in court yesterday. Instead, Shawn Holley showed up, which surprised everybody — including the judge. Didn’t Lindsay just fire her the day before?? But the judge asked Ms. Holley, “Do you still represent Ms. Lohan?” She answered, “Yes. At this point, yes.” The judge insisted the representation issued be nailed down, and Ms. Holley assured her that it would be by the next court appearance, which happens to be on January 30. And unlike yesterday, Lindsay is required to show up next time.

Taylor Swift tried young — going from a high school senior to an 18-year-old singer in a boy band. So now she’s setting her sights on an older man. But it’s not just any older man…it’s Bradley Cooper. In fact, Taylor asked his “Silver Linings Playbook” co-star Jennifer Lawrence if she’d feel him out and make an introduction, Bradley reportedly said he wasn’t interested because Taylor’s too young. But how interesting is it that Bradley is now rumored to be hooking up with Jennifer, who — at 22 — is one year younger than Taylor.

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