J.Lo is not happy with the new cover of People magazine!

J.Lo. is ticked off with People Magazine…Is Kris Humphries getting closer to revenge against the Kardashian empire and a reality show twist in the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend scandal…

Adrienne Maloof is single and ready to mingle! After an ugly battle that played out in the tabloids, Adrienne and her plastic surgeon husband, Paul Nassif, were divorced in November. And — like most recent divorcees — Adrienne is ready to sample some of what she’s been missing! She was seen snuggling up to Sean Stewart at Koi in LA. Who is Sean Stewart, you ask? Why, he’s the son of Rod Stewart and Alana Hamilton. Also, Adrienne is 51 and Sean is 32.

Michael J. Fox ain’t got no time for Taylor Swift! Remember when Tina Fey made that joke at the Golden Globes, telling Taylor to stay away from Michael’s son Sam? Of course, people are going to be asking Michael how he’d feel about that matchup. First of all, Michael said he probably wouldn’t even know who she was if Sam brought her home, but asked, “Taylor Swift writes songs about everyone she goes out with, right?” That’s the right girl, Michael! He said the inevitable breakup song Taylor would write would probably be called something like, “Sam, You Piece of “S***.”

When you see Jennifer Lopez on the latest issue of “People” magazine, know THIS. Somebody was probably fired for allowing that to happen to her. Sources say Jennifer is NOT happy with how she looks on the cover, and that the people in her camp believe it makes her look “old and haggard.” Some are going so far as to compare the way she looks to fashion designer Betsey Johnson, who is SEVENTY!!!!

Kim Kardashian is ready to throw in the towel and give Kris Humphries what he wants — an annulment. But to get an annulment, she would have to admit her marriage was a fraud, and she still claims that wasn’t the case. But the last thing she wants is to still be married to Kris when she delivers Kanye West’s baby. But the only problem now is Kris Jenner. She said Kim absolutely cannot give Kris an annulment because of the possible ramifications it could have for the Kardashian empire.

The man being accused of the whole “dead girlfriend” hoax that duped Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o is accused of coming up with his own sob story to get some sympathy points. Ronaiah Tuiasosopo auditioned for “The Voice” and told producers that it was even a miracle that he’s here. He said that he was in a Christian band with his cousins and they were on their way to a performance when their van was involved in a horrible accident. He said that one of his cousins was believed to be brain dead, but he miraculously survived. The story may or may not make the final cut when “The Voice” debuts with the new judges, Usher and Shakira, because reportedly, nobody turned their chair around for Ronaiah.

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