Did Lindsay Lohan get caught stealing again?!?
Ryan Lochte is serious about being the next Bachelor. Depending on whose story you want to believe, Ryan’s reps reached out to “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelor” producers reached out to him. But from what we understand, Ryan’s peeps said they won’t even start a real conversation about this until $750K is on the table. And that’s just their starting point. They think Ryan should be able to get up to a million bucks to make out in hot tubs with 20 or so lucky bachelorettes. But Ryan’s got SO many offers on the table, they say ABC better act quick before he commits himself to another project

Lindsay Lohan went to a party at some house in the Hollywood Hills Sunday night and apparently was “too tired” to drive home. So Lindsay and a few other people who were “too tired” to drive decided to spend the night. And when everybody woke up the next morning, the homeowner realized some jewelry was missing. Huh! So the owner demanded everybody to stay there and called the police. Officers interviewed everyone, including Lindsay and her assistant, but everybody’s saying, “It wasn’t me!” Officers say Lindsay was very cooperative and right now, she is not considered a suspect.

When it rains, it pours. And it’s almost like monsoon season for Chad Ochocinco Johnson! First he was arrested for head-butting his wife. Then he was dropped by the Dolphins. Then his wife filed for divorce. Then VH1 canceled the reality show featuring him and his now soon-to-be ex-wife. Then he lost his endorsement deal for some coconut water company. And now the government of St. Martin is asking Chad for a $90K refund! Chad and Evelyn Lozada were married in St. Martin and the whole thing was filmed for their reality show. St. Martin chipped in $90K for the wedding because they were basically getting one big “Come to St. Martin!” commercial out of it. But now that the show is canceled, they’re not getting the publicity they were expecting, and they want their $90K back.

Last year, Usher canceled his estranged wife’s credit card at Saks Fifth Avenue. I mean, it was in his name…..C’mon, Tameka Foster. You SERIOUSLY didn’t expect Usher to keep paying for you to shop at Saks while he’s trying to divorce you…Oh, yes she did! And guess what? The judge agreed with Tameka! He said Usher was in contempt of court when he closed that account and ordered him to reopen it.

Nicki Minaj reportedly is THISCLOSE to signing on as the second judge on “American Idol.” Mariah Carey reportedly is furious about it because she was under the impression that she would be the only woman on the panel. Can’t you just IMAGINE the cat fights between those two?! And with Randy Jackson reportedly being moved over to a mentorship position, that leaves a third judge’s spot open. Among the names still in the running are Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Nick Jonas, Adam Lambert and Enrique Iglesias.