Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger engaged?!? Who knew they were dating?

The official announcement hasn’t been made, but Michael Strahan’s agent was seen looking mighty happy standing outside the ABC studios in NYC. According to sources at the network, Michael will be named Kelly Ripa’s permanent partner on “Live!” But will it be “Live! With Kelly & Michael” or “Live! With Michael & Kelly”……….OR!!! Could this be a false story altogether, just to throw us off from the TRUTH! We won’t know for sure until the announcement is made Sept. 4.

I don’t know if this guy knew he was breaking into LL Cool J’s house, but if he didn’t, he sure found out the hard way. About 2:00 this morning, LL was asleep when he heard a noise downstairs. He went to check it out and came face-to-face with this robber. Apparently, LL whooped this guy’s butt and held him until police got there.

TMZ is reporting that producers for “American Idol” reached out to Kanye West, and they are in serious negotiations to bring him on as a judge. Kanye hasn’t said no…but he hasn’t said yes, either. First of all, he’s not sure “Idol” would be the right fit for his……….personality? And second, there’s the money situation. With Mariah Carey getting $18 million for her one-year deal, how much money could possibly be left for Kanye?

Prince Harry loves him some Vegas. And he loves him some hot girls. In fact, he loved some of the girls he met in his hotel bar so much that he invited them up to his VIP suite. Next thing you know, those crazy kids are playing a game of strip pool. And apparently, one of those crazy kids wasn’t as trustworthy as Harry was led to believe because you can see a naked — and pretty much hair-free Prince Harry — humping a girl on TMZ.com.

Avril Lavigne shocked the world when she announced her engagement to Chad Kroeger yesterday — or at least, she retweeted the congratulations on her engagement from one of Chad’s Nickelback bandmates, so that’s just as good as announcing it, right? Unless they’re joking? Could this be one big gag? I mean, who knew they were even dating??? Well, People.com is reporting that Chad and Avril have been dating for about six months. Apparently, they got together to write a song for her album and sparks flew. Chad reportedly proposed with a 14-carat diamond ring on August 8. But the thing is, if they’ve been engaged for a couple weeks, why did Avril wait until her ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner’s birthday to make this announcement? Boo, Avril.