John Travolta’s former male lover is ready to tell all!

“Saturday Night Live” has announced their first few hosts for the upcoming 38th season. Seth MacFarlane will host the premiere on Sept. 15. His musical guest is Frank Ocean. The following week, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is back to host for the second time. He’ll be joined by Mumford & Sons. And on Oct. 6, Craig….Daniel Craig….will host. And who better to provide the music when James Bond is hosting than Muse?

John Travolta’s former lover is ready to tell all about it in the upcoming issue of “National Enquirer.” Doug Gotterba says back in 1981, John interviewed him to be his pilot. But Doug says the job interview felt more like John was courting him. First they had dinner….some wine….a little massage….Yep! Doug got the job! And he says that’s when their 6-year relationship began. Doug says the last time he saw John was in 1992, and by then, he was married to Kelly Preston.

Taylor Swift missed her boyfriend Conor Kennedy so much that after a week without seeing his pretty little face, she sent a private plane to pick him up and bring him to Nashville. A source told the “New York Post” that Conor’s family has no clue when he’s coming home. In fact, this source says things are moving so fast, none of Conor’s family would be surprised if these two elope.

Lindsay Lohan has been banned from her favorite hotel because she owes the Chateau Marmont over $46K in unpaid bills. Lindsay lived at the hotel for a grand total of 47 days during June and July. In addition to the cost of the room, Lindsay ate and drank $3100 worth of stuff from her room’s minibar…charged 49 packs of cigarettes to her room at $14 a pop…Ate almost $2000 at the hotel’s restaurant when she wasn’t eating almost $700 worth of room service. has exclusive details about this alleged video of Prince Harry partying with naked people and drug users in his Vegas hotel room. One person who claims to have been in the room told Radar that while he didn’t see Harry doing anything illegal, others were snorting cocaine and doing mushrooms. If this video ever goes public, it could be the biggest royal scandal EVER.