Was Eddie Cibrian caught cheating again????

Andy Roddick won the US Open way back in 2003. And after a fabulous career that earned him over $20 million in prize money — not to mention millions in endorsement deals and a hot model wife because you know there’s NO WAY he would’ve hooked up with Brooklyn Decker if he wasn’t a cute, famous, rich tennis player — Andy says that after the upcoming US Open, he’s hanging up his racket. Andy’s currently ranked #22 in the world.

Nicki Minaj is still trying to get this deal worked out with “American Idol.” And it all comes down to soft drinks. Pepsi sponsors Nicki’s tour, but Coke sponsors “Idol.” That’s a dilemma right there. But auditions start filming in the next week or two, so they better get this worked out quick. And producers DEFINITELY want to make this happen because they know how much fun it’s going to be watching Nicki and Mariah Carey going at each other. And the rumor about Randy Jackson moving from judge to mentor has finally been confirmed. But there are still two judges’ seats to fill. Reportedly Randy Travis was being considered until he started having all these drunk meltdowns. Keith Urban and Brad Paisley are still in negotiations. Enrique Iglesias reportedly passed.

Prince Charles told his precious ginger child, Harry, that he doesn’t have to publicly apologize for his naked Vegas weekend. RadarOnline.com says that out of all the royal family, Charles has been the most sympathetic because he’s been in some pretty embarrassing situations himself. (Remember when he told his mistress-now-wife Camilla that he wished he could be her tampon?) Charles is thinking that Harry should just forget the apology because — like every scandal before this — it will eventually blow over.

John Mayer is a genius. He gets grief for breaking up with Katy Perry over an email, so he has to come up with a good excuse, right? John wrote the perfect “feel sorry for me” blog post, saying that in order to have any hope of performing again, he can’t speak for the next few months and can’t sing for at least six. See?! John didn’t want to burden Katy with having to date a mute, so he had to let her go! And he had to do it by email because he can’t speak! This is almost like “The Notebook!”

LeAnn Rimes is getting treatment for her stress and anxiety, hoping to develop some coping skills. Ever since she and Eddie Cibrian were caught cheating on their spouses and ended up leaving them for each other, LeAnn’s been subjected to some pretty harsh criticisms, especially on Twitter. Those fans of Brandi Glanville can be vicious. In fact, LeAnn is going to sue one member of Team Brandi for invasion of privacy after she allegedly recorded their phone conversation without LeAnn’s knowledge. LeAnn got on the phone with Kimberly Smiley, hoping to show her that she’s a real person with real feelings and hey! Maybe she and Kimberly could even be friends! But Kimberly is totally Team Brandi, and released parts of their phone conversation. So here comes the lawsuit. Meantime, there’s a rumor that LeAnn might be stressed out for a completely different reason. Did she find out that Eddie’s been cheating on her? And are there pictures to prove it? Keep your nose pressed to your computer screen all weekend because this could be about to break wide open.