Are Jessica Simpson’s boobs keeping the baby weight on?

Did the Master Cleanse almost take Eddie Van Halen out? The National Enquirer is reporting that Eddie’s tummy didn’t take too kindly to that cayenne pepper-laced lemon juice, leaving him doubled over in pain. His wife rushed him to the hospital and basically, doctors told Eddie that his intestines had exploded. Ewww….Eddie’s going to be fine, but it was scary there for a minute. One doctor who didn’t treat Eddie says the stress of fad diets increases pressure on the cooln, and if the person has diverticulitis, there could be a HUGE problem.

MTV doesn’t want their viewers to have to choose between them or the president, so they’ve moved up the start time of the VMAs Thursday. That way they’ll be done in plenty of time for viewers to flip over and watch President Obama accept the Democratic nomination.

Is Nicki Minaj endorsing Mitt Romney for president? Or is Nicki just shocking us with one of her alter egos? That’s up for debate right now. We’ll have to wait and see if she clears that up for us. But in Lil Wayne’s song “Mercy” that came out Monday, Nicki rapped, “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney. You lazy (BLANKS) is (BLANKING) up the economy.”

Jessica Simpson gained 70 or so pounds during her pregnancy. On May 1, she gave birth to 9 lb., 13 oz. daughter, Maxwell Drew, so….that only left her with about 60 pounds to lose, right? Or something like that…….Anyway, Jessica signed a reported $4 million deal with Weight Watchers to drop that weight fast. In fact, the big post-baby body reveal is scheduled for this Monday on Katie Couric’s new daytime talk show! But apparently, Jessica is preparing us for some less-than-impressive results. She says her body isn’t exactly bouncing back and that her big boobs have made jogging a problem. Right now, she’s just working on feeling good and being healthy for her daughter, her fiance and herself. I’m sure Weight Watchers is LOVING her spin on that.

Are Katy Perry and John Mayer pulling a fast one? Despite rumors that he dumped her by email, the two of them were spotted together at a recent music festival and sources say they were all over each other. Then a couple days later, the two of them reportedly sneaked in a dinner together at the Little Door restaurant in LA. They tried to throw the paparazzi off by leaving separately. So either they really broke up and they’re maybe trying to work things out, or maybe they never broke up at all and they were just trying to throw us off their trail. Either way, it looks like they’re definitely not over………for now.