Jessica Simpson’s weight loss finally revealed!

Before Regis Philbin retired and one day when Kelly Ripa was on vacation, Carrie Ann Inaba filled in as co-host. Regis pretended to read a letter from a viewer asking the best way to propose, and that’s when Carrie’s boyfriend, accountant Jessie Sloan, came out and asked her to marry him. So romantic, right? But it’s been a year and a half! When’s that wedding, Carrie? Well…….it’s not happening. Her rep says the couple called off the wedding earlier this summer, but they remain friends. Riiiiiiiiiiight…………I’m sure they’re SO friendly.

Somebody needs to save Demi Lovato from herself. She’s hanging out with Wilmer Valderrama again! The two of them went to dinner Sunday night at El Torito in Sherman Oaks. “El Torito” must be Spanish for “foreplay” because you know what Wilmer Valderrama is all about. Ugh. The two of them dad a couple years ago when she was only 18 and he was 30! Does 20 and 32 make it any better?

Chris Brown has a new neck tattoo of a woman’s face, and some people are saying it looks an awfully lot like Rihanna. Now, people close to Chris say it’s just some random woman’s face and any resemblance to Rihanna is just a coincidence. WHATEVER! Just in case it DOESN’T look enough like Rihanna, it looks like Chris got a tattoo of Barbados right on top of this “random” face.

James Franco is digging him some Kristen Stewart. The two met at the Toronto Film Festival last week, and a source told that to say James is enamored is an understatement. James was absolutely SMITTEN. He asked her to dinner, but Kristen said no. She’s still trying to get over Robert Pattinson. Duh. But, this source says she realizes she’s going to have to move on, and she’s starting to reconsider James’ dinner invitation.

Jessica Simpson reportedly was paid $4 million to be the new face of Weight Watchers. And she took it literally. Her new ad campaign started yesterday featuring nothing but Jessica’s face. The commercial was filmed back in July when Jessica wasn’t comfortable with showing her body. Plus, she said, “I really didn’t want it to be about my weight … I really wanted it to be about the spirit of Weight Watchers.” Um, excuse me, Jessica, but the spirit of Weight Watchers is LOSING WEIGHT! It’s ALL about the WEIGHT and not about the FACE!!! She did, however, show her Spanx-wrapped body to Katie Couric yesterday, saying she’s lost 40 pounds now and has 10 to go before she’s back to her pre-pregnancy weight. THEN will it be about the weight?