Octomom’s porn tape got her a nice new house!

I know the Kardashians think he’s a good guy, but I just love it when Joe Francis has to suffer. I’m sorry if that’s wrong. But I am really loving the fact that on top of the $20 million Joe’s got to pay casino and hotel billionaire Steve Wynn for defamation, Joe’s got to pay ANOTHER $20 million!! Steve filed a defamation lawsuit against Joe because he was saying that Steve put a hit out on him over an unpaid gambling debt. After Steve won the lawsuit, Joe popped off to all these media outlets, and the judge said, Oh yeah?? Now you’ve got to pay Steve another $20 million in compensatory damages. It’s not like Steve needs the $40 million, though. He’s promised to donate all the money to charity.

Porn pays. Just ask Octomom. Nadya Sulemon’s house was in foreclosure…her life in financial ruins…She does one little naughty movie and is able to rent a home for her and her 14 kids in Palmdale, CA, complete with 5 bedrooms — that’s 2.8 kids per room! — 3 bathrooms AND a 3-car garage. Plus, this place has a back yard that is 14,000 square feet!! It even has a gated pool with a slide and everything. And it’s all for $2150 a month. Octomom already put down the deposit and paid 8 months up front!

Lindsay Lohan agreed to do a cameo in “Scary Movie 5,” but that was before she got the script. Sources say she freaked out when she realized they would be making fun of her, so she avoided rehearsals and missed her flight to the movie set. Lindsay told producers she was suffering from walking pneumonia, but nobody was buying it. After producers threatened her with a lawsuit and offered to send a private jet to pick her up, Lindsay suddenly decided to honor her agreement and do the movie.

First came love, then came marriage, and now Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer will be pushing a double baby carriage. Yesterday, Anna gave birth to twins! They were born a little prematurely, but the couple’s rep says everybody is doing just fine. The rep did not, however, reveal the sex or names of the babies. Anna is a first-time mommy, but Stephen has two children from previous relationships.

Kris Humphries said that after Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, he was so devastated that he couldn’t even LOOK at another woman. But what about that Myla Sinanaj chick? Kim thought there was something up with that so her lawyers deposed Myla last week. Myla swore up and down that she and Kris were never more than friends. And even though she let people think she was pregnant with Kris’ baby for a few days, she also testified that she never was. But now that the deposition is over, can Kris and Myla finally drop this ruse? TMZ says Kris’ car was parked outside her home in NJ all night Monday and they even have video of them leaving her house together the next morning.