Nude Kate Middleton pics hit the web

Seven months after those first auditions and with new judge Howard Stern there to sway public opinion, “America’s Got Talent” finally crowned a winner last night. And winning the $1 million prize and a Las Vegas show? The Olate Dogs! Those gamblers are going to eat those acrobatic dog shows up. Coming in second, comedian Tom Cotter and William Close and the Earth Harp Collective came in third.

At 1:19am on September 2, a young aspiring rapper named Ervin McKinness tweeted this: “Drunk and going 120 drifting corners #F***It YOLO.” McKinness wasn’t the one driving…He was one of four people in a 2005 Nissan Sentra. About 20 minutes after McKinness sent out that tweet, the Sentra sped through a red light, spun of control and slammed into a wall. Everyone in the car was killed.

A judge has ordered Amanda Bynes to stop driving without a valid driver’s license. Amanda lost her driving privileges after she was arrested for drunk driving and a couple hit-and-runs. But her attorney went to court to argue that since she hasn’t had a hearing on the charges yet, she couldn’t have lost her license. But the DA said if you look at the official records, Amanda’s license comes up as suspended. So the DA and the judge told him to let Amanda know in no uncertain terms, STAY OFF THE ROAD. But apparently he didn’t give her that message before she love-tapped the bumper of a parked car last night………

The royal family is considering taking legal action against a French magazine for posting topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. Earlier this month, Prince William and his wife were enjoying what they thought was a private moment, sunbathing on a balcony at a secluded hunting lodge in the south of France. But a photographer with a very long lens was able to capture some grainy photos of Catherine in all her topless glory. A palace source says the royal family feels that a line has been crossed, and both William and Catherine are said to be saddened and angry over this gross invasion of their privacy.

Dina Lohan did an interview with Dr. Phil that airs Monday, and in the promos, Dina seems to be confused and maybe a little drunk. It didn’t hurt when they threw in that clip of her ex-husband Michael Lohan asking Dr. Phil if Dina had been drinking. But Dina told TMZ that she is simply the victim of editing. They took an hour long interview, chopped up into 2 minutes, and made her look like a hot mess. But Dina says she understands that Dr. Phil’s editors were just doing their job and it’s all about ratings. But Dina is adamant that she had not been drinking before the interview. And she believes when we see the interview in its entirety, we’ll all see that she’s completely fine.