French court rules in favor of the Royal Family in topless photo scandal

Psy was partying hard in NYC over the weekend, hitting up the Circle Nightclub Friday night, getting his drunk on with the likes of Usher and Leonardo DiCaprio. Psy’s new manager Scooter Braun ended up dragging him out of the club at 4am. But Psy had all day to sober up before his appearance on Saturday Night Live, and then he was back at it Saturday night, partying at 1Oak in the Meatpacking District. Psy was rolling in the VIP section with Stacy Keibler, Gerard Butler, Paris Hilton, and again with Leo DiCaprio.

Are we witnessing yet another failed Bachelorette romance? Last month we heard that Emily Maynard was caught sexy texting an ex-boyfriend by her current fiance, Jef With One F Holm. This was all confirmed by Jef With One F’s brother, but Jef basically called him a big fat liar. Well! A source told that Jef With One F has been secretly texting his ex for MONTHS. She ignored him for a long time, but the two of them secretly met up recently. Apparently, the two of them went to Burger King Sunday night and made plans to meet again. Scandalous!

Lindsay Lohan flew out to Long Island to celebrate her mother’s big 5-0. Sources say Lindsay was partying more like it was her own birthday with her drink of choice, a double vodka soda. Mom Dina was matching her drink for drink. After he found out his ex-wife Dina was drinking in front of Lindsay — who’s been in and out of rehab five times! — Michael called Dina pathetic. And he also thinks it was “absolutely disgraceful” that Dina appeared on Dr. Phil’s show in the condition she was in, which he says was caused by booze and pills.

The Flying Tomato went flying face first into a fence, and the fence won. Shaun White got a little out of control at a hotel in Nashville, pulling the fire alarm and destroying a hotel phone. When he tried to take off in a taxi, one of the hotel guests told the cab driver that the police were coming for Shaun, and that’s when Shaun kicked the man and ran off! The man chased Shaun…they both ended up running into each other and Shaun fell and hit his head on a fence. He ended up arrested for vandalism and public intoxication, and he’s got an awesome black eye to show for it.

A French court has ruled in favor of the royal family who were more than a little upset when topless photos of Kate Middleton were published in the French magazine, “Closer.” The court has confiscated the original digital copies and has banned the magazine from publishing any more of these pictures. The court has also launched a criminal investigation to decide whether the photographer and the magazine broke any privacy laws.