Lindsay Lohan hits a pedestrian in her Porsche!

That naked girl who broke into Bam Margera’s house and woke him up with sweet kisses to his neck had actually been living in his treehouse out back for WEEKS!! Bam told TMZ that this woman showed up at his parents’ house a couple weeks ago with her suitcases, claiming she’d moved from Florida to marry their son. Mom felt sorry for this obviously crazy person and tried to send her to a homeless shelter to get help. Instead, this homeless woman found her shelter in Bam’s treehouse! She now has a new place to call home – jail. Poor thing can’t make her $50K bail……

Tori Spelling is in the hospital, recovering from an emergency surgery over the weekend. On August 30, Tori gave birth to her fourth child, a baby boy named Finn. Details are sketchy, but TMZ is reporting that Tori was rushed to the hospital on Saturday and had to have an emergency operation to fix a dangerous complication from her C-section. Her rep says she is now resting comfortably. has posted a picture of a woman they claim is Lady Gaga. I say “claim” because it doesn’t look like her AT ALL. But there’s this woman who sorta looks like Gaga performing onstage in Amsterdam Monday, and it looks like she gained a lot of weight FAST. She’s only 5’1″ so an extra five pounds on her looks like an extra fifteen…..but one nutritionist RadarOnline spoke to says it looks more like Gaga has put on about 30 pounds. One source says she’s simply been drinking too much, and that Gaga wants to try going gluten free to drop some of the weight.

Amanda Bynes has a hearing on Friday about her DUI and hit-and-run charges. At a hearing earlier this month, a judge didn’t exactly order Amanda to be there, but said, “It would seem like Ms. Bynes would need to be here in court on that day.” Meantime, Amanda’s parents have packed up and moved from Texas to California to take care of their obviously troubled daughter. TMZ is reporting that her parents aren’t going to try to get a conservatorship — like Britney Spears’ dad did with her. They just want to be there to support her.

Lindsay Lohan was arrested this morning after the most unexciting hit-and-run to report EVER. For God-knows-why, Lindsay was behind the wheel of a Porsche Cayenne in NEW YORK CITY — Who drives in NYC?!?! — and she was pulling in to park near the Dream Hotel when she bumped the knee of this guy standing on the sidewalk. One of Lindsay’s passengers got out and checked to see if any damage was done and then the whole group went inside the hotel. While they were inside, somebody called the police, and when Lindsay walked out around 2:30 this morning, they arrested her for leaving the scene of an accident. The guy she hit went to the hospital to be checked out, but from what witnesses are saying, he wasn’t knocked down or dragged or anything. In fact, he didn’t look hurt at all. We’ll see how this play$ out, I gue$$.