Mariah Carey wants Seacrest to change his look on Idol

Sugar Bear got a boo-boo. A bad one, actually. Honey Boo-Boo’s daddy was mud-bogging on an ATV last week when he got into a bad accident and wounded his leg. He developed a nasty infection and ended up having to have emergency surgery. Mama June told TMZ that rumors doctors were going to have to amputate Sugar Bear’s leg weren’t true, and that he’ll be just fine. In fact, he should be able to get back to work in about four weeks.

Everybody on the “Gossip Girl” set is noticing a bit of a glow about the new Mrs. Reynolds. After a year of dating, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds pulled off a super-secret wedding in SC back on September 9. What was the rush? And why all the secrecy? Could it be that Blake is pregnant? Sources say that since the wedding, she sure does seem to be eating a lot more……

While people are wondering if Blake is pregnant, they don’t have to wonder about Shakira. She flat-out confirmed it’s true on her Facebook page yesterday. Baby daddy is her boyfriend, Gerard Pique. Since she’s early along, Shakira has decided to cancel her upcoming performance this weekend at the iHeart Music Festival. It shouldn’t affect her plans to replace Christina Aguilera as a coach on next season’s “The Voice.”

Simon Cowell wants Khloe Kardashian to host the “X Factor.” Khloe wants to host the “X Factor.” So what’s the problem? It should just be a matter of agreeing on a dollar amount at this point, right? Wrong. That Ryan Seacrest had to go and stick his nose in the middle of all this. He’s the executive producer of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on E! and apparently he and the other E! executives think the “X Factor” would distract Khloe from her reality show duties, and they’re trying to hold her to some exclusivity clause in her contract. Meantime, word is that “X Factor” wants to go from one host to two. And if they can get Khloe signed on for the first spot, they’re looking at either Mario Lopez or Corbin Bleu to be her co-host.

Mariah Carey likes pretty. She wants to look pretty and she wants to be surrounded by pretty. And that extends to her new job as a judge on “American Idol.” And right now, when Mariah looks at Ryan Seacrest, she is not liking what she sees. So she has suggested to the stylists on the show that somebody do something to make Ryan a bit more “youthful and trendy.” She thinks he should lose the stiff hair and stiff suits and go with something more loose and casual. I don’t know if they’re listening to her suggestions for Ryan, but I can’t WAIT to hear her thoughts on re-styling Nicki Minaj!