Paris Hilton in damage control after anti-gay comments

It’s been almost a year since Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher separated. So……..why hasn’t either one of them filed for divorce yet? Maybe it’s because there’s no marriage to dissolve. Ashton and Demi were married in a Kabbalah ceremony, and now it looks like it was more of a symbolic thing than a legal thing.

It’s a good thing Amanda Bynes’ parents are moving to LA to be with her because it looks like they’re about to be the only support system she has. Amanda’s agent, publicist and attorney have all dropped her. One source says they haven’t been able to get in touch with her for the past month, and they finally realized they can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. A source close to Amanda says she’s retired from acting anyway, so she doesn’t feel like she needs a management team anyway.

Lady Gaga says yeah, I gained 25 pounds. So what! The girl likes to eat! Gaga says she doesn’t feel bad about it, but, she is back on a diet to drop what she’s gained. Sources say her record label told Gaga to lose the weight or order a new wardrobe for her world tour to cover herself up. Ouch. is reporting that Kanye West made a sex tape and they’ve SEEN it! Apparently, this thing was made right before he started dating Kim Kardashian. It’s 20 minutes long and the woman involved says on tape that she’s 18 years old. She also says she’s MARRIED, but that she and her husband don’t “do laundry” anymore, so that’s why she was there! Oh, and RadarOnline says this girl is a dead ringer for Kim Kardashian, too. The tape is being shopped around right now and Kanye is completely freaking out about it.

Paris Hilton put her big old size 11 foot in her mouth again. A couple weeks ago, she and her friend — an openly gay male model — were in the back of a cab in NYC and the driver recorded their conversation about some phone app for gay hookups. In a nutshell, Paris said gay men are disgusting and added, “I would be so scared if I were a gay guy…you’ll like, die of AIDS.” The recording was made public yesterday and Paris is now doing damage control. She’s issued an apology and says she wishes she could take back every word.