Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong enters rehab after iHeartRadio meltdown

LMFAO is no mo’. After months of rumors about their constant fighting, Redfoo and SkyBlu are taking a little break from each other. And it looks like Redfoo has wasted no time finding a substitute party rocker. He and Psy were partying together at Tao Las Vegas Saturday morning. Apparently Psy was having dinner at Tao and invited Redfoo to stop by. Psy started forcing sake bombs down Foo’s throat and next thing you know, Foo’s shuffling in the middle of the restaurant. They later took the party to Tao’s nightclub where the two of them cleared space at their table for a shuffle off. No word on who won.

A woman told the LA police that she was the victim of a hit-and-run. And the man behind the wheel of the car who hit her? Wiz Khalifa. The woman claims she’d been working on a music video shoot with Wiz and when everybody was leaving the set around midnight, Wiz swiped her car with his and kept on keeping on. Police are still trying to talk to Wiz to get his side of the story.

Katy Perry’s friends are very worried about her because they’re afraid she’s fallen “dangerously” in love with Johnny Depp. Dangerously? Seriously? Katy’s a big girl. She HAS to know his reputation with the ladies. But her friends claim John has convinced Katy that he’s completely changed and he’s not that guy any more. Still, her friends are keeping an eye on him.

Amanda Bynes made good on her promise. She left LA and moved to NY over the weekend. She says one of the reasons she left was to get away from the annoying paparazzi, but there are plenty of videos of her wandering aimlessly around Midtown for hours on Saturday. Meantime, Amanda’s parents just packed up and left Texas for LA to be there for Amanda. Now that she’s bolted for NY, will they follow her there?

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is going to get treatment for substance abuse, i.e. doing damage control for his meltdown on stage at the iHeartRadio Festival in Vegas on Saturday night. When the teleprompter flashed that Green Day only had one minute remaining, Billie Joe went ballistic, smashing his guitar into pieces and throwing out so many F-bombs that is was impossible for the censors to keep up. The band has issued an apology for what happened and they are also denying the rumors that Green Day’s set was cut short by 20 minutes to allow more time for Usher.