Chris Brown tests positive for pot while on probation for beating Rihanna

NBC has NO sense of humor. Ann Curry was supposed to take part in that Emmys sketch with the “Modern Family” cast where the actress who plays Lily just terrorizes everybody behind the scenes. At the end of the sketch, Ed O’Neill speaks to somebody off camera about recasting Lily, and the camera pulls back and reveals it’s that “Hangover” actor Ken Jeong in a wig. But! The original joke was to have Ann Curry sitting there. She was totally for it, but the big bosses at NBC found out about it and said no. Boo.

Ryan Lochte has a new BFF! Ryan and The Situation were introduced by mutual friends at LIV at the Fontainebleu and ended up partying the night away together — literally! They left the club at 5:00 in the morning, sneaking out the back door with a bunch of women. But Ryan and The Sitch only had eyes for each other……

Sam Lufti was Britney Spears’ manager when she was going through her very public meltdown. Britney’s mom Lynne Spears wrote a book, and in it she pretty much accused Sam of manipulating her with drugs. Sam took offense at that, and he’s suing Britney and her parents. The trial is expected to begin next week. Britney’s parents, her fiance, her agent, her current manager, her former manager, her former assistant….EVERYBODY is expected to testify except for Britney herself. She’s still under her father’s conservatorship and, by law, she is not allowed to defend herself.

Chris Brown is still on probation for beating up Rihanna and recently he tested positive for a drug test in Virginia. Smoking pot in VA is illegal. Smoking pot in California is not — as long as you have a medical marijuana license. And that’s exactly what Chris has. And he claims he smoked the pot in CA before he flew to VA and it was simply still in his system at the time of his drug test. The judge let him slide…….this time.

Lindsay Lohan not only suffers from asthma, she was still recovering from pneumonia when she got caught in a downpour in Central Park Saturday night. By the next night, Lindsay’s lungs were hurting her so bad the next night that she had to be rushed to the hospital, where she was treated with antibiotics and released.