Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are living together again!

Directing brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly say they’re almost finished with the script for “Dumb and Dumber To.” Back in April, Peter said the plan was to begin filming in September, but then in June, Jim Carrey said he was backing away from the project. Then in August, Jeff Daniels said Jim was back in. And now we’re hearing that filming has been pushed back to May or June of next year, which means the movie wouldn’t be ready for release until 2014 — 20 years after the first “Dumb and Dumber” premiered.

The rumors proved to be true. Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor. ABC released a statement bragging on their choice. Sean 6’3″… He went to Kansas State on a full football scholarship…(He was a linebacker, by the way.)… He received his Bachelor degree in social science… He started off in finance but then moved over into insurance and is now designing custom furniture when he’s not working as a fitness model. Sean’s hobbies include camping and wake-boarding. He loves concerts and dancing. Seriously???? Dancing???? Now if you watched “The Bachelorette” and thought Emily Maynard was a fool for letting Sean go yet thrilled because you’re convinced Sean is your soulmate, it’s too late. All of the Bachelorettes have been picked for Sean’s season. See more at

Madonna was in concert in Washington, DC, Monday night when she told the crowd, “Y’all better vote for (BLANKING) Obama, okay?……For better or for worse, we have a black Muslim in the White House, okay? That’s some amazing (BLANK). That means there is hope in this country. And Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man, (BLANK) it.” Okay……..While I’m sure the president appreciates the endorsement, he might take issue with the fact that Madonna says he’s a Muslim when he says he’s a Christian. I guess Madonna’s not buying it.

“Dancing with the Stars” has suffered its first casualty. Pam Anderson was the first to be booted from the all-star lineup. She was so devastated that she didn’t even show up for press interviews afterward, leaving her partner Tristan MacManus to handle it solo. He says her family had flown in the night before just to watch her dance, so she wanted to be with them instead of dealing with the press.

Insiders keep saying they’re back together, but I won’t believe it until I see them all kissy-faced on the red carpet. But an insider says Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a dramatic reunion and even though he’s still “extra-sensitive” and “insecure,” not only has he taken her back…………they’re living together again!!!