The Wanted talks trash about One Direction

Maria Shriver’s friends say Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big fat Austrian liar! Arnold said on “60 Minutes” that Maria knew about his infidelities before and during their marriage, but one source told TMZ, “Nuh-uh!” This source says Maria would never have tolerated all that cheating and would’ve ended the marriage if he was up front with her. But the source says Maria did suspect Arnold was cheating, but she never brought it up until she confronted him about his love-baby with the maid.

Former “American Idol” contestant Brittany Kerr had to shut down her Twitter account after outraged Jason Aldean fans started blasting her with nasty messages about being a “home-wrecking tramp” who took advantage of a married man when he was drunk. Yes, Jason Aldean admits he screwed up. He got wasted after a concert, made out with this girl at a bar, but got right on that tour bus and kept on trucking. But Brittany says she’s the victim here. She says she had no idea Jason’s a married man. However, TMZ has video of Jason stumbling drunk out of that club and yes, he was wearing a great big wedding band.

Paris Hilton does what all club girls do when they’re not getting any attention. She made out with another girl. The problem is, that girl’s boyfriend didn’t like it one bit, so he went up to Paris’ boyfriend, 21-year-old model River Viiperi, and told him what was going on. For some reason, River got mad at this guy and punched him in the face. It was so bad that he needed medical attention and wanted to press charges. By the time cops got there, Paris was nowhere to be found, but her boyfriend was arrested for misdemeanor battery.

Lindsay Lohan is standing by her story that she was assaulted by this guy Christian LaBella after she busted him for taking pictures of her on his cellphone. Police did place him under arrest, but ended up letting him go because of a lack of evidence. Now Lindsay’s trying to get witnesses to back up her side of the story. Meantime, Christian just hopes he doesn’t lose his job as a Congressional aide.

One Direction’s feelings are hurt. They don’t understand how the guys in The Wanted can be so nice to their faces but then talk bad about them behind their backs. Liam told “Fabulous” magazine, “They were really nice to our faces, but when it came to talking to the media they were really trashy about us…We’d never done anything wrong. We were just running around doing our thing. WE’D never purposely talk trash about anyone and we still haven’t said anything about them now.” All the guys in 1D deny there’s any competition between the two groups because — pfhht! — let’s face it. There IS no competition!