Nicki Minaj screams at Mariah Carey on the American Idol set!

If you were as surprised as I was that they brought back “Real Housewives of Miami” (and if you’re even watching it) then you’ll be interested in this story. Joanna Krupa is one of the new Housewives. She’s a model who did some tickle fetish movie back in the day and was on “Dancing with the Stars” a couple seasons ago. Anyway! She’s threatening to sue Nik Richie and his website for posting an article called “Joanna Krupa is a Confirmed Hooker.” Nik quotes a guy who claims Joanna worked for an escort agency back in the day and that he paid $10K for her services, which involved way more than friendly dinner conversation and some tickling…

Channing Tatum is milking “Magic Mike” for everything he can. This weekend, he’s opening up a “Magic Mike”-themed bar on Bourbon Street called Saints and Sinners. Channing’s invited all his buddies from the movie, and word is, they’re planning a little something-something for the grand opening party.

Spoiler alert!! On Monday night’s “Dancing with the Stars,” Bristol Palin got the lowest judges’ scores. But when you combined those scores with the viewers’ votes, she and her partner Mark Ballas weren’t even in the bottom three! Those spots went to season one winner Kelly Monaco, season five winner Helio Castroneves and season four’s first runner up, Joey Fatone. And going home last night? Joey and his partner, Kym Johnson. Joey took the news well. He said, “I’m actually going to a wedding tomorrow so I don’t give a damn! I’m going to have a good time!”

Chris Brown showed up at the Griffin nightclub in the Meatpacking District yesterday and not five minutes later, Rihanna and her friends walked in. They sat a couple of tables apart, but it didn’t take long for Chris to wander over to Rihanna’s table. Witnesses say he took off his shirt and the two of them started grinding on each other and then suddenly they’re full-on making out! The two of them then went to the bathroom together while a bodyguard stood watch at the door. They came out about half an hour later and Rihanna reportedly looked “a little ruffled.” The two of them kept the party going until the club closed at 4am. Chris left first and Rihanna left a few minutes after that.

I don’t know what the final straw was, but Nicki Minaj finally had her fill of Mariah Carey and she went off at the “American Idol” auditions in Charlotte, NC, yesterday. TMZ has the video but the audio is really garbled. Thankfully, they transcribed it for us. Basically, Nicki threatened to knock Mariah out and then shouted, “I told them I’m not (BLANKING) putting up with her (BLANKING) highness over there.” Randy Jackson weakly tried to intervene while Keith Urban just sat there speechless. Mariah was talking back, but you couldn’t hear her over Nicki’s screeching. Producers decided to wrap auditions for the day to let everybody cool down. And now producers are worried that Nicki and Mariah might not make it until the new season premieres in January.