Is Taylor Swift two-timing a Kennedy with a Schwarzenegger?

Is this the definition of irony? I don’t know, but I DO know that Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has filed for bankruptcy for one of his companies. His Rich Global LLC was ordered to pay a percentage of his profits to the Learning Annex and its founder after using their platform for speaking engagements, and that percentage came out to almost $24 million. Kiyosaki is said to be worth $80 million, so he’ll be fine. But his Rich Global LLC? Not so much… says they have an eyewitness who saw it with her own eyes! Juicy Joe Giudice was with another woman and not his Real Housewives of New Jersey wife, Teresa, at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City last month. She says she walked into Harrah’s bar about 5am and she saw Joe talking to this girl. They then played the slots for a bit before Joe put his arm around the woman and they got into a cab together and left. And where was Teresa while all this was going on? Promoting her cookbook in NC.

“DANCING WITH THE STARS” SPOILER ALERT: Even though she received the lowest judges’ scores the night before, Bristol Palin is safe for one more week. Going home in last night’s double elimination were season two champion Drew Lachey and season five winner Helio Castroneves.

Is Taylor Swift two-timing a Kennedy with a Schwarzenegger?? That’s the rumor being reported by “Star” magazine. Remember, Taylor dated Patrick Schwarzenegger first, but his mom, Maria Shriver, put the ix-nay on that super-fast. But Taylor is in love with all things Kennedy, so she moved on quickly to Patrick’s cousin, Conor. However! At a recent Kennedy family event, a source says Taylor showed up with Conor but sneaked off with Patrick and made out all night! This source says Conor doesn’t know about it, but everybody else in the family does!

After partying together all night and closing down the club at 4am, Lindsay Lohan and her mom, Dina, jumped in an SUV to be driven back to mom’s house in Long Island. TMZ is reporting that the two of them started arguing in the car and by the time they got home, it had become physical. Lindsay reportedly suffered a cut on her leg and her bracelet was broken off from he wrist in the scuffle. Lindsay allegedly claimed that Dina and their driver were holding her against her will, so she called her dad for help. Michael Lohan then called 911 and four police cars and an emergency response vehicle raced out to the scene. A domestic dispute report was filed but no arrests were made.